Final chemo this week...

My turn to be getting it over and done with. Can’t say I’m looking forward to next week but just have to keep thinking a few more days and it’ll all be on the up and up…



Fantasic news - I know you still have to bear your last chemo, but then hopefully back to a bit of normality - being able to taste your food again, hair growing, energy levels increasing and planning for a much better 2008 - bet you can’t wait!!!

That’s brilliant Mousy - I couldn’t wait to finish chemo (31st August), and it was great to get my tastebuds back - but I still don’t enjoy a cup of tea like I used to !!

Lots of luck for next week - let us know how you get on.

Love Julie xxx

Thats great news mousy!

I had my final one last week and have been feeling much better than usual, so I reckon it must by psycholgical!! Onwards and upwards for you,

Take care,


Hi all,

Thanks for your encouragement. I find the day before chemo quite depressing and today was no exception. It’s the day I have to go to the hospital to do the blood thing and I’ve been procrastinating on it again today big time. It’s like… until I go there the chemo isn’t actually happening…

However, my 2yo has just made my day… He came to me and said “do wee wee”, so I went and plonked him on the loo at the back (not sure where toddler seat is at the mo) and he didn’t seem comfortable and said “pot” a couple of times. I popped him on there and went off to find a nappy sack and a clean nappy and when I got back he’d done the deed. :slight_smile:

This is the first time he’s told me before it’s happened and the first time he’s done something on the pot for me (though his grandmother did manage to get a couple the week he was there).

The toilet training thing is something I’d planned to get to next week when I start to feel better. Now, I’m not sure whether to put it back on hold until then or continue to encourage it but tell OH he’ll need to mastermind it for a few days.

I’m particularly impressed because his big brother (now 5) was a nightmare to train. It took about a year and a half and involved protest wees behind the curtain when he got told off and he’s still having the very occasional accident now…


Oh mousy

Potty training what fun … sounds like your little one did very well though and reckon you should keep on going. My soon to be 4 year old pretty much potty trained herself and was very good, and I know that I won’t be so lucky with my little boy, who will be 1 in 3 weeks time. I wish you well, but if you really don’t feel up to it, then follow your instincts, as we all know, it isn’t easy and especially when feeling rubbish. Hope your last chemo goes well though and let us know how you get on.

Take care

Back already. That’s the earliest I’ve been back from any of my chemo appts…

… and we couldn’t do the very last one without the fire alarm going off again, could we girls???

I gave the nurses a hard time about ringing it on purpose… I mean my first chemo and my last chemo… It had to be a goodbye pressie, didn’t it?

They tell me every time they have a fire alarm now they’ll think of me… LOL

Anyway, good news… I went for the mammogram and ultrasound and this time they couldn’t see the lumps at all. They didn’t do any ultrasound printouts because they couldn’t find anything to photograph.

Good job they put the marker in then… They tell me I’ll have a wee wire thingy inserted by the radiographers just before my op so that the surgeon can find the place to dig.

mousy, feeling like a zombie after getting to sleep around 1am and being awoken by an errant toddler opening and shutting a metal filing cabinet at 5:20am…

Feeling a bit better today though lethargy is now setting in and OH has gone to deliver our eldest to his parents so he’ll be gone a couple of hours. Sure could do with being home alone and having a lay down.

Funny thing about the fire alarm was that after the thing with our miscreant yesterday morning, I bought some new earplugs… so I was the only one lined up in the corridor during the alarm that was able to just whip out earplugs and block it out… LOL…


Mousy, have you had your operation? Or are you having it post chemo?

I have my final chemo next Friday, mastectomy to follow.

Cecelia. x

Op is apparently scheduled for 19 Nov. Should be lumpectomy plus nodes. Haven’t had a letter on that yet but I’m seeing the surgeon next Wednesday.

Well done for getting to the end of your chemo too. Hopefully things should be a little less physically exhausting from there on…


Hi again

I’m worried it’s not actually scheduled yet, should it be?

Cecelia. x

If you haven’t heard when yet, I expect you will soon, maybe when you go in for the chemo. I got called with my appointment about 2 weeks before final chemo, but I expect it varies a bit.

Good luck for your final one… :slight_smile:


Hi Mousy,

congrats on finishing chemo, good on 'ya!!! Its a great feeling I reckon and I hope you do too. Onwards and upwards for you now.

I wish you well for your forthcoming op and a very speedy recovery,

Take care,