Finallly!!...being seen...

hi guys, i thought this deserved a new post-compared to my usual ramblings.
well just as i was about to give up all together, i have managed to get basically a private appt with a consultant for the 16th march (except i dont have to pay for it)-dont ask, its complicated and i feel bad about it, but i’ll defo write and complain about the whole nhs situation here, like someone said maybe to an mp.
anyhow apparently this mans meant to be v good, i didnt really want to see a man but it was this or nothing so cant be choosey i guess. kind of scared about going but at least itl be done then. 1 week to go. eek

Not long to wait now then , about time you were seen good luck & let us know how you get on x

All the best with your appt. Does not matter how you got it. Just hope everything works out for you.
Dee x

thanks guys, will do. can i ask u a question? have/did you guys tell many people what was going on when you went through this whole health scare? someone sort of made out to me today that i shouldnt have told anyone, but i kind of thought it was important that people knew what was going on with me or why i was behaving strange and it affecting my work. do u mind talking to people? i guess i think theres some people you can tlk to about personal/sensitive things and some people you know you cant because they cant cope with problems. ?

Hi Lizzy

well, I only registered on here yesterday and have to admit to taking full advantage of the support, from another “Sue” in particular who has been lovely. I dont think you can determine whether its good / bad/ right / wrong to talk about whats happening to you at the moment - I suppose it depends on you.

For me I have already found the support on here, and the ability to talk freely and mention scary words!! a huge relief.

Apart from my hubby I have told one girlfriend, I dont think I personally would tell lots of people, but even telling my girlfriend felt strage - I thought she might think I was blowing it up out of all proportion … given that I wont know whats happening until my biopsy next week - luckily she was fab. Also today I had to tell my boss (who is male) because I need to be off next week for the tests etc - I decided to be honest because like you I thought next week may be difficult for me at work, concentration etc … and he was 100% fantastic! very supportive, very kind … so Im glad I told him.

No way is the right way unless its good for you I suppose!
Sue x

As one Lizzy to another… really glad you are finally being seen, I have seen from some of your other posts how upsetting it has been for you.

It is a strange place to be in - all this - and we can all deal with things once we now exactly what it is we are dealing with. The worst thing is when our minds imagine what MIGHT be happening - and it’s often worse than reality!

Stay strong - tell strangers in the street if you feel like it!! or just friends, or no one. It’s your call! I think there is no right or wrong way to react - it really is down to you. Shout, scream, laugh, cry - whatever feels right at the time!
Keep in touch
Lizzy M X

thanks sue and lizzy! im feeling abit better now, but yea its tough. thanks lizzy, your post cheered me up!lol, yea it is strange, and it just all happened at once for no apparent reason, it was kind of scary at the time, and you do imagine the worst, but im kind of more worried about the tests.

sue i know you felt kinda isolated and im glad u found the site, and that its helping abit. well i didnt tell everyone or anything, i was just wondering how people deal with it really. xx

Hi there,I can only say as well there is no right or wrong way in how you deal with this or who you tell. When I got my diagnosis Jan 29th, I was happy enough to tell all my close friends,would like to think that they would tell me if they were going through something similar so I could help them through it. I haven’t had a problem with other people knowing but as I live in a small village I knew I would be the talk of the school mums as i picked up my children,so be prepared for the sympathetic glances. Some people seemed to think that I should be “ill” but I just give them a cheery wave and big smile so that really confused them ! I don’t know how you can’t tell people,like the day I went to the hairdresser and she asked how I was… oh how she wished she hadn’t…lol but I’m happy enough to talk about it,bring it out into the open and if it helps anyone who has to walk this path after me and I can be of any help to them then that can only be a good thing. 2 weeks now since having surgery and I’m back at the school gate and getting on with things,people just look at you a bit strangely…or maybe they did before and I just didn’t notice…

Sandra x

thanks sandra, hope your ok now, i think you guys are all amazing. x

I’m fine lizzy, been baking like a demon today.have got my appetite back and now have a kitchen full of scones and tiffin and a fruit loaf and a victoria sponge, hmm hope my girls not late back from school or I might have eaten it all !Keeping busy through the awful waiting time works for me,catch up soon.

Sandra x

Hi Lizzy

I didnt mind telling people when I was dx. I thinks its best so that they know the reason if you arent in the best of moods etc. My mum doesnt seem to like others knowing though, but its not up to her! I am now proud to have got through the past year and I dont care who knows.

It is funny how people deal with it though once they know. Some have never mentioned it again, and some ask me “hows things with you” almost every day in the playground. Not many seem to know how to handle it!

lizzy - glad you got sorted and will be sending lots of positive vibes your way for monday!!! mary x

thanks guys. when they do ultrasounds do they just do it on the one breast?

Hi Lizzy
Good luck for Monday - when I had my first appt after the mammo recall, they just u/s the one breast, but it probably depends what your symptoms are?
I think you are a lot younger than me, and I’m pretty sure u/s is good for “younger” breast tissue - shows up cysts etc?

Be nice to yourself this weekend - and let me know how Monday goes,
Lizzy M

God luck for monday will have everything crossed for you x

had a horrifically long day at the clinic passed from pillar to post. the ultrasound didnt show anything. so they still dont know whats causing the bleeding, swelling and pain. the consultant thought my breast felt a bit ‘lumpy’. basically they said to go back in a few months, or if the bleeding happens again i have to go back straight away. i kind of still feel abit up in the air because i still dont know what it is so im still going to worry. its good they didnt find anything but if it had been something simple like a cyst at least that would have explained it. she said bleeding can be due to changes in the breast which i guess is why i have to go back. :{

Hi Lizzy
Sorry to hear you have had such a long day, and with no real answers. Try and stay positive - I know that is easy to say and hard to do - but sometimes we just have to do our best.

What’s next? - have they give you a follow up appt?

yea they just said to go back in a few months, or go back straight away if i have more bleeding so they can find out what duct its coming from and probably do surgery to remove the duct. so just have to see what happens i guess.

sorry it’s not been a answer one way or the other. It must be hard still having it hanging over your head.
take care & remember go to doc’s if anything changes x

I’m really sorry you’re still playing the waiting game, I know it’s not easy. Lets just hope it was just one of those unexplainable things and everything is OK. Good luck over the next few months