Finally after a 3month wait of being told not to worry I am now diagnosed

HI Dawn,

I know where you are I am a Sussex ladddddiiieeee but orginally from Surrey.

You will love Disneyworld just as much or perhaps even more than the little ones. Yes I wish we had gone with a villa as all of us cramped into one room was pretty mad at times especially with the snoring going on…yes my little girl and hubby were competing.!!!

No dont know what chemo yet apparently after this surgery I will wait the 2 weeks then meet the oncologists to discuss what and when with regards to chemo and rads.

Hope your little girl was ok with jabs. I need to take my little man for his booster as he has had it delayed due to the usual coughs colds etc.

Best go get dinner
thanks Dawn take care hunny
Love P xx

If you need any info on Disney or tips…if I can think of any just ask away Dawn…!!!

Hi Paula

Where abouts are you in Sussex then, my sister has just moved to Dallington not far from Hastings. Are you East Sussex or West Sussex. We nearly ended up moving down near Bognor in 2006, but thankfully all got delayed and then stopped which is lucky for me now with all this crap as my friends have been amazing.

I will let you know if get any thoughts about disney, but any places you can say are better than others for little ones like wet n wild etc, then please let me know, or any good eating places out and about, but you probably stayed on the resort I would think.

Sophie was fab with jabs and didnt even cry really, but baby jack did, reckon he had memories from Christmas Eve when had his MMR jabs!!! He made more noise than Sophie - bless him.

Well hope your op goes OK and then the chat with onc. I have to say I was never told the grade or size of my tumours and don’t wanna know now, as think might frighten me. But a lot of people do say find out everything if you can. Although if like me, I was so very naive about all this, had no idea what should be asking etc, and was so shell shocked that brain disappeared.

Anyway you take care too, and am here to help you through all this. If you want to ask me anything about chemo you can, although can’t help with the op.

Speak soon

Hi Dawn

I am in East Sussex we have been here just over 3 yrs.

Disney blizzard beach was good when we were out there and Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom were brilliant especially for our 6yr old daughter.We got advised to eat at a place called “Golden Coral” they are all about over there and it was you pay one price and eat whatever and how much you like. I liked it as there was plenty of salads and veg stuff and more choice that eating at the restaurants on our hotel resort. I know its not everyones cup of tea but it worked out ok for us and of course our little man ate free there.Its pretty expensive to eat at the parks…or rather it can be depending on what you want. We used to go to Kmart( it’s massive) and get some bits and keep them in our hotel room etc. You will all have such a magical time.Shut me up !!!

Awww bless little Sophie for being brave and poor Jack he did the pain bit for her then !! Its horrible taking them knowing they are probably going to feel it isn’t it?

Yes op is booked for 1st feb but I did say I am happy for a cancellation if it comes up. I spoke to another BC nurse yesterday and she was very helpful with explaining more about chemo and rads. I have a few qestions I will be asking the consultant on friday. I know its very scary hearing this grade and stage but I know I am a 3 which they just say is active if it was a 1 they say it would be in-situ and they said nowt about a grade 2. Apparently they aren’t at any point yet to stage me but again they say they dont really use that anymore. My GP said alot of scary words they use is just there terminology and don’t be alarmed by it.

The reason of course I have to wait 4 weeks for op is the due to the guidelines. Every person has to be operated on ( if necessary) within 4 weeks of dx and of course there is a backlog as they are trying to get everyone seen within those 4 weeks plus of course Christmas would have put more people waiting due to consultants having holidays etc. Anyway will chat with them on friday.

You care hun and like you I am here for you too ok standing side by side although I am a newbie I will be as positive as I can and that is going to be alot ok…!!!
Chat later
Love P xxx