Finally clear margins after WLE on 3rd attempt. Hooray!

I am in a state of shock and disbelief. I should be celebrating but I am just feeling shattered. My surgeon has just phoned this morning to tell me that my results following my 3rd excision were clear, finally all the cancer is gone. I have been waiting a very long time to hear those magic words “clear margins”. So to any of you out there who have had a WLE or re-excision - hang in there, it will happen.
Can’t believe its finally gone. Was so sure that it was going to be bad news again but now instead of being back at the beginning dreading what would come, I am suddenly nearing the end. The cancer is gone, ITS GONE, and now doing the rads sounds easy and then it will be over. After a week of absolute hell (not only the waiting, but had a reaction to the iodine/dressings so have itchy rash all over body which added to the not sleeping), there is a light at the end of my tunnel again (lost it for a while there). All that worry and stress for nothing.
I feel like I’ve gone from barely hanging in there and not coping to suddenly seeing an end to the cancer and seeing my future again. Wow, amazing what a difference a phone call can make, how quickly fortunes change around. Not sure how I’m feeling now, cycling between hyper and overjoyed to shattered and stunned. I’m sure you’ve all been there and will get what I’m prattling on about. Just needed to share so thanks for listening.
V x

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Pleased to hear you’ve finally got good news with clear margins. Wish my consultant had been willing to try a third time, after two wles and not clear margins he’s insisted on a mx now. Hope radiotherapy is kind to you.
Donna xx

Hi Donna
So sorry to hear that a MX is on the cards. My consultant is an absolute star and I know I am so lucky with him. In all my treatment he was the one that I knew was on my side and was fighting for my breast as much as I was. But I know stars like him are few and far between.

After the first two WLE’s and failure to get clear margins, I had then did the chemo and had the 3rd surgery after this, so its been a long time coming.

Hope it all goes well for you, have you got a date for your MX? Just remember that its all being done to get rid of the cancer, and keep that light at the end of the tunnel in sight. Easy to say I know, I’ve spent the last couple of months stuck in a bend in the tunnel where I couldn’t see the light, but its there again now, and you’ll get there one day too.

HI ladies

so pleased your margins were clear ! that is fantastic news it really is… I had 2 WLE and margins were not clear on both attempts, but i also had an invasive tumour on the first WLE…so when I went back to see if i could have a third the breast was a bit of a mess by then and my consultant was not sure how I would react to the reconstruction of my breast. I opted eventually for a mx and had it last Tuesday, not a choice I wished for but the thought of it coming back was quite scary and it was high grade. VJ Was your DCIS high grade and did you have any invasive parts of cancer? Donna your story seems very similar to mine. I am getting better after the mx but its only been a week and I know it will get easier…x

Hi Ladies
V yep go in for mx on the 6th Dec. Not sure how I feel about it to be honest but I know it’s for the best. mfdoll, hope you are coping ok, have they told you how long recovery is, as i’m hoping to get back into work before we break up for christmas (pre-school). I love this time of year with the little ones and I am not going to miss out on all that glitter :slight_smile: xx

Love to you both

Hi Donna and mfdoll
Hope you are both doing well after your MX and resting well. Sounds a bit optimistic to be hoping to be back at work so soon Donna, maybe just pop in for a visit?

mfdoll - mine was an invasive lobular cancer, stage 2, grade 2. I was lucky with the state of my breast as my surgeon uses lipofilling (they take fat cells from your thighs and inject it back into your breast) so after each WLE my breast looked pretty normal. Its an amazing technique and I was so lucky to end up with a surgeon who is experienced in this.

Hope you have a good Christmas and start the new year with some positive thoughts, now the cancer is all gone. V x

Hope all goes ok wl be thinking of you. I am sure it is bes option now

Wendy x x

I just heard today that my margins were positive following partial mastectomy 2 1/2 weeks ago. The tumour has numerous infiltrating tendrils, extending “at least 8cm”, and the surgeon says the only option is mastectomy. I’m going in tomorrow! (Dec 12). I am very pleased she doesn’t want to try re-excision personally. I just want rid of the thing!

Good luck to all of us!

Morwenna not sure how my post appeared above yours as read yours first !

LOL Wendy, I was probably faffing about trying to correct some typo. :slight_smile:
I’m posting via my android phone, and it can be quite tricky, especially if I’m trying to go quick.

Just gonna take a quick shower, then I’m off.

Hi All

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas, my mx has been postponed until 3rd January as my calcium levels have gone through the roof.

Donna xx