Finally got my results

Finally got my results

Finally got my results I got a call last night to say that no abnormal cells were detected which I am delighted about, I need to be reviewed in a few weeks and I’m not sure if the lump may still be removed but I don’t mind that at all- it sounds strange but I feel almost scared to believe it after falsly thinking I had the all clear a few weeks ago however I am so relieved and I wish everyone going through the agonising wait for the results the very best, this forum has been such a big help to me.

Congratulations Im so pleased for you. You are reacting exactly the same way that I did I was told to expect malignancy and when they took out the lump it was ok. I was worried for a while that they had made a mistake (this happened last month) but now I am just thankful that everything is ok.

Good luck for the future.

Yvonne x

Fantastic news. All that worry!!! It was a wake up call for me and now will make sure all my friends are careful to check themselves on a regular basis too. take care

great news Hi Ginger01
what great news for you, can I just thank you for replying to my posting, I didn’t get the same result but am feeling very positive even though I have more waiting to go through