finally had my WLE operation yeterday

finally had my operation yesterday . im in a bit of pain and feel sore but im glad its over with , was a really long day had to be at the hospital at 10 for injections round the nipple and scan at 12  and wire inserted at 1 and theatre at 3.20 and home at 7.45. such a long day but the worse is over with now x

Well done angel x

the worse is over…just take the next steps one at  a time …you will be fine xxx


Hi just seen your post take it easy and the worst part over now x take advantage of been pampered x

Hi Angel

Glad you are home and I wish you well. I go in on 2 May for my WLE & SNB and I am partly dreading the op but cannot wait to get this first hurdle over with and get this lump out of me.

Take care and rest well.

Best wishes
Poppet xx

Hi Angel


Glad to hear you have got the operation over.


Take care and plenty of rest


Jaye xx

thankyou for all your kind words it means a lot . i have never had an operation before so i was worried for that side of it .  its really nothing to worry about the operation its over before you know it x  im just resting up now x

Hi Angel
Well done, glad its over for you take care love Jan xx

Glad to hear it all went well Angel


it’s never as bad as we can imagine,  nothing about this is, not nice but very doable. 


You  take care



Hi Angel
I am pleased you have had your op. I was the same when I went for surgery as hadn’t had a op before. Try and rest and no lifting or stretching. I had my op at the end of Jan and have 2 more sessions of Radiotherapy to complete. I am going to put my life back on track. Look after yourself.
Take Care
Angie. X

Morning Angel, I hope your are recovering well and your headache has gone. Rest up and take it easy, xx pb

Hello Angel
Hope you feeling a little better today - keep strong your doing really well love Jan xxx

i am acheing more today and so tired but i know its going to be a while before i start to feel a little better x waiting for results now x

Take it easy Angel. Keep taking the pain killers, drink loads of water and just chill. 


It’s always a waiting game. Be good to yourself,

I’m waiting to start rads and to be honest I am enjoying the time to do nothing,   

take care


Hi Ruth
Hope everything has gone ok for you today I have been thinking about you all.
I have got results and its stage1/2 cancer so far no nodes involved but are booked in for lumpectomy on Thursday, they’ve said its an early cancer and after I heal about six weeks later I start radiotherapy, the biopsy showed it to be oestrrogen positive so pills to be taken after alls done. They are still going to biopsy the nodes in theatre just in case - have to have a general anaesthetic cos of where it is Oh Joy!!
Believe it or not feel relieved I now know what I’m dealing with
Take care if you & everyone else out there dealing with this all my love Jan xxx

Hi Jan, I am day 13 post op and recovering well. What I would say is don’t rush to do too much too soon, by about day 8/9 I was feeling quite good and did some general tidying and washing etc, but that night I paid for it and was back on the meds. Have taken it much easier since then. Making sure I am doing my exercises. I have found a small pillow to help at night and have slept in a soft cup bra, with mouded cups I got 2 pack from m&s for 12.50 and in the early days wore a crop top over the top of that which I got from sainsburys for £5. The extra support really helped.

I am seeing the surgeon for my results on Friday, which I now just want to get over with and hope everything is fine. The waiting is hard. All being well I will go back to work next week on a phased return.


Best of luck for your surgery. Take care pb xxx


Hi Ruth
I’m so pleased to hear from you, I’ve been thinking about you all day.
I’m glad things have started ok for you, thank goodness they’ve given you anti-sickness meds there’s nothing worse than having to cope with feeling sick as well as everything else.
Now you can start to think your recovery has definitely began and with everyday you will become stronger - you have done so well and seem so positive.
I will be glad when Thursdays over another milestone! Meanwhile back to sorting out kids!
All my love - take care and rest up now xx love Jan xx

Thank you so much am in today on the morning list for lumpectomy so starting to get ready now, must admit to feeling a but scared I have a dread of general anaesthetics due to a spine op years ago but i know its not the same.
However good luck to all today
Love Jan xxx

Hi Ruth
Thank you so much, I am home and eating - I am so hungry amazing after a g/a. All ok they had some difficulty finding this lump with the loc wire, could of done without that! But all in all I’m ok.

Thank you to everyone for your support and will be in touch when I’m more alive xx love Jan xx

Hi Jan
I am pleased you got on ok and feeling not to bad. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Don’t do any heavy lifting or stretching. Keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.
Take Care
Angie. X

Glad to hear that you are already home Jan and resting. Take care. Xxpb