FInally looks like I start my journey

Well ladies you have been a inspiration to me reading all your posts, it has given me hope and picked me up when I have been down. I am still sat in the very early stages of just being diagnosed. Which was on the 29th Aug. I have plucked up the courage to ask what it is I have and it is Invasive Ductal Carsanoma (no idea if spelt right lol ) stage 2, with two of the little devils in sheep’s clothing in there. I went for my pre opp assessment last Tuesday and all is ok for that, now just waiting for my operation, There is a delay due to “lack of theater staff” but have been told I am penciled in for the 10th October. Just waiting for it to be confirmed now. Seems to be a lot of waiting involved which I am finding the hardest thing ever, but looks like like I will finally be starting the journey i had never planed nor ever wished to to go on like everyone else here.



Hello and welcome to the forum, not a place we would willingly be but you will get loads of help and support from the wonderful ladies on here as you go through your journey.


The waiting is the worst because you just want to get on with it but it will not be long until your op.  I named mine Mr Blobby and just wanted him and his spots out of my body, it gave me the focus and was so happy after my op that he was no more.


Keep coming on here whenever you need and want to and there will always be someone here to help.


Helena xxx

Good morning Peanuts
I’m glad you found rhis forum, I didn’t until after my op but it still has helped me tremendously. Facebook has taken a back seat!
You are similar diagnosis to me, Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I’m Her+ so will have Herceptin for 18 months too. I had a lumpectomy and now chemo, another op to clear margins, rads and hormone tablets.

The best way to think that all this is to mend us and give us a better quality of life in the future and at least we can be treated. We are all different and respond differently but we all understand each other on here so please come on and CCs are brilliant.

Waiting is the worst bit…lack of staff isn’t good but under these circumstances if they needed you treated earlier they would even if it means a different hospital so in the meantime try to prepare yourself and do the things you need to do and see people b4 op as you will need to rest up. Have they mentioned any other treatment after op yet?

Whatever treatment they give you will be the best to mend you and write down questions to ask at appointments or ring BBC if needed. A calm mind and feeling in control helps a lot.

The day I was diagnosed I was a total mess but just for one day! My friend who came took me to hers and gave me whisky! The tears wouldn’t stop! Next day I pulled myself together put my sensible head on and did some research on how to get better, what foods to eat, and where to go for support. One place being here. Do you have a Maggie’s Centre nearby?

It’s all so much to take in and there will be other things like how to tell friends and family, what to say when people comment, bursting into tears to no reason, work, finances, who you can trust and you certainly find out who your friends are and you will be surprised at people who you never though would help you but with the right support network and BC team behind you, you can get through this.

Lots of love for your journey of

Lady bowler I need to see your pants before my chemo 2 next

Thank you very much ladies, it has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but like you CK I broke down and for first few days was a total wreck, but now I am almost in a state of denial, I know I have it, but  feels like i dont if you know what i mean, strange but true lol.


I was picked up during a routine mammogram on the 24th July, I just thought I was lumpy and bumpy due to them losing their spring, plus the fact i was looking for a pea not a flipping broadbean when doing my checks lol


Treatment will depend on what they find in path lab after they have been removed, but definatly Radiation treatment, but he isnt wanting to look any further than that right at this moment until after the operation. He did say I would need hormons afterwards as it is hormon based. Appart from that I dont know anything else.


Thank you again I will be on here now regularly as you are all such a tremendious inspiration and all so very kind. 


Helen xxx

Hi peanut

Also wanted to say hi and welcome.

The waiting is the worse part…you will feel so much better after the op.

There are various sections and threads on here that you may wish to join as you go through treatment. And there will be lots of support and advice on here from all the lovely ladies.

Sending a hug

Sue xx

Thank you Ladybowler!
I took them with me for wig fitting today. Found one style just like mine b4 cut but another colour so they ordered me in for 2 weeks time. Have one now to use so another to use when other being washed. Hair slowly falling out now.

One day at a time and hopefully good results after lumpectomy and just rads to finish your treatment.
Stay strong and post and comment as much as you like. There a lots of CCs who are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and there are members like me who just post what we have experienced so far.
You will do

CK I picked my wig this week too. Sashas Hair Solutions in Ormskirk were fantastic. She had wigs waiting for me then cut one to my style. Picking it up next week when i have my voucher, which will cover the cost. My mum is buying me a 2nd one too!! No more having to do my hair for a bit!!

Peanut Helen, i wss diagnosed on 29th August too… i start Chemo on Wednesday. We are on a journey andxee are all travelling together so lets hold tight!

Hope everyone else is doing ok and especially Jencat and Cherry xx

Hope everyone is good today. I went to buy some front opening nighty’s ready for my operation, ended up with some Christmas presents, a Doggy Bed, some Christmas ornaments, a lovely winter bobble hat and a dog toy. Fabulous retail therapy but not what i went out for. Think I have lost the plot, but the dog was happy lol

I’m glad your wig sorted. I’m getting used to wearing mine now.x

Retail therapy is good! I got open front mightier from Primark.x

Hi Rosie
Missed seeing you lately. Glad your ok.x

How was daughter’s birthday?xx

Isn’t it great having a ‘big birthday’ Rosie! Enjoy your afternoon tea. I think the cancer journey is a lonely 9ne even when you are living in a busy house where people come and go all the time. If nothing else though i think it makes us see how loved we are. Hope you get your surgery date soon xxx

Thank you for the info on where to get a nighty CK, long as it doesn’t sell doggy stuff I will hopefully get a couple lol.

Glad you had a good Birthday Rosie, cake is good!! Hope you get your date soon. Seems like we are always waiting for something at times.

Hope you had a great time yesterday Jen.

Good Luck to everyone having their Chemo, the wigs all sound lovely. Will be thinking of you all xx

Update on the nighty shopping that never was, my Gabbie (the Westie) is in the dog house as she refuses point blank to use her new bed, oh no she wants her old one like really?? She really is a little Diva *tut*

Have a good day everyone, and hugs to all xxx

Happy 50th Rosie!!! Join the single ladies! We will go on the hunt when we are well again.

Yes, we are having treatment as precaution and prevention to have a better quality of life in the future and do what the professionals say! That’s how to look at it! X

Sounds like a doggie who knows her own mind ?
I got back from a depressing but constructive visit to inlaws. Yesterday to a message telling me to go god pre chemo talk then oncologist the treatment a week earlier than planned. Nope sorry no can do! I will ring in the morning to see if next week us still ok, hot rather drunk this afternoon. Local pub had good live band and a burger and bottle of wine sort of disappeared not good chemo prep! Had a snooze since and still not keen on reality. Good luck with your treatment Peanut,.
Happy cake day Rosie, I turned 50 in April and haven’t quite celebrated yet. Next year watch out ?

Chaffinch if you are not prepared to start chemo this week tell them" no can do" -it’s your life ,your body ,one week will make no difference to your treatment ,you need to be in the right place and not worried about other things .Dont feel guilty just tell them you have caring responsibilities and it’s not possible .

Thanks Jill, I rang them first thing and said just that, do now have treatment start date of the following week 4th October at 3pm. Just takes the pressure off this week and gives us some planning time.

Good for you -yes you just want to be prepared and not worrying about other things.

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Well done. Prep time is deffo needed and then you can start treatment knowing you are organised and ready. All the best for start date on 4th Oct. Will be thinking of

Thats good news Chaffinch. Now you have time to buy pear drops and ginger biscuits!! Xx