Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share my good news with you. I got my scan results after a stressful two(and a half weeks wait) and the report said considerable reduction after 3 cycles!! I have lung mets and the largest one has gone from over 4cms to 1 1/2cms.

This is the first reduction I have had. I was dx this time last year and was put on Capecetabine,which didn`t work for me, I was changed to Vinoralbine and finally have had a good result…believe me I had almost given up!!

Good luck to everyone waiting for results.
Take care,
Love ,

That’s fabulous news Jan, really pleased for you. LONG may it continue!
Lesley xx

Oh Jan I am so pleased for you that is wonderful news thanks for telling us is it always gives me such a boost. Capecetabine didn’t work for me either and I am now on Carboplatin which feels as if it’s working but scans coming up in March.

Enjoy your day.

Love Anne xx

Great news Jan, I am so pleased for you.

I have lung, liver and bone mets and am on Carboplatin/Gemcitabine and my tumours showed a good reduction after just 2 cycles so I was given a real boost by the news.

Anne, just so you know Carboplatin is working well for me too.

I had the scan on the Monday and got the results on the Friday. How awful that you had to wait so long! Where are you in the country? I am in the North West, Cumbria and so far I have really quick results and responces for all my problems. I feel very lucky (if that isn’t a contradiction in terms!!!).

I hope that you continue to respond well to your treatment and I am trying not to get too hopeful that mine will have continued to respond and will show further improvements when I get scanned in April after my last chemo. This will now be a week later as I was unable to have my 5th chemo yestertday because my bloods were too low! I was so disappointed, I felt really let down. I don’t realise how much I gear myself up to go and have it. Never mind.

Love to all

Sue xx

Great news Jan and thanks for letting us all know, it really does help boost us. Long may it continue. At least you can relax a little bit now that the waiting-for-results bit is done.
Nicky x

Phew, great news Jan…xxx Julie

Brilliant news Jan, keep up the good work and well done.

jan,thats brilliant news.I am so pleased for you.
nicky x

That is good news Jan, I know someone who used to post here, also has lung mets, who has been on Vinorelbine for (I think) a couple of years now…xx

Great News! Celebrate Big Time!

Jenny x

SO, SO pleased for you Jan



OH Jan
What brill news!!! So happy for you.

Sharon xxxx

Fantastic news Jan - so delighted for you jaynex

RESULT! Brilliant news Jan, I’m so pleased for you. Thanks for letting us know

Thank you all so much for your support,it means a lot, I know a “swallow doesn`t make a summer” but I am still savouring the moment!

Good luck to anyone waiting for scan results this week, I pray they are good ones,
Take care,
Love , Janx

Brilliant news Jan, always great to hear good results gives us all a boost. I am due my CT scan in just under 2 weeks and results a week later, I also have lung mets diagnosed in November 2009, so my first scan since diagnosis - fingers crossed!!

So pleased for you.
Take care
Love Marina x

thats great to hear it really gives everyone a boost to hear that treatment is working

hurray - so glad you are doing well

Go girl go!!! What a winner - time to celebrate - what will you choose, a holiday, a meal out or a bidet?

Jan that’s brilliant. really pleased for you. How about a bidet and a round of golf!!

Love Julie X the one with the stick