finances/working whilst having treatment

Hi Ladies,

i was ready a number of postings about working whilst having treatment, i was horrfied that a number of ladies are continuing to work because of finances ie no sick pay. i know some people want to work and feel able to manage however no one with the dreaded Cancer should HAVE to return when they are not well would think in 2014 there would be some kind of provision for people with this horrible illness to be able to recover at home until fit enough to return,  reading some of the posts made me feel so sad and extremly angry familes have enough to cope with without worrying about money :smileysad:

im not in work at this time as the company i work for want me to stay home until i have completed my treatment for which i receive full pay they have been amazing sending flowers, inviting me into office for a cuppa and chat i feel blessed to be working for such a fantastic company LLamau LTD.


sorry for rant 

Hi Sans61


I just stumbled upon your post and am in full agreement.


I am going through this worry at the moment, on top of worrying about my health and treatments.  I started with my company back in November on a fixed term contract.  I’ve just had my lumpectomy, but don’t know whether I have to go on to have further surgery or radiotherapy, everything is up in the air at the moment.


If I do have to have radiotherapy, I will be expected to try and continue to work, both by pressures at home and finances and at work.  Out of everything that is going on, work and finances is the one thing that I’m most worried about.  In fact, if I were to die from cancer, my family would be better off as they would get the insurance money.  Well, I’m not going to die from cancer, so I have to face the harsh reality of trying to keep my head above water, or trying to work around my treatment.


I really shouldn’t have to worry about work, in the grand scheme of things, it should be way way down on my list of priorities, but then what option do I have?  They can’t sack me, I’m aware of that.


They may turn around and give me the time off, paid, but as I was only there for five minutes before getting my diagnosis, I doubt it. Anyway, we shall see.


Thanks for posting and allowing me to rant with you!


H x


Hi sans. I completely agree. Its disgusting. My mum works for Morrison’s and they have been brilliant. She gets nine weeks full sick pay and hopefully that’s all she has to have off but luckily if she needs more time off I live with her so can give her more rent money to help. No one should have to worry about their finances when they are battling any illness! Xx

Thank you all so much for support. Went to work yesterday am and left at 11.30 to drive to hospital. Was told before I left that I should come back at 4 to cover a late study duty. Felt lie crying, so afer radio I went to doctor who signed me off work until after feb half term. Feeling relieved altho a bit nervous at how the news will be received at work. Thank you everyone xxx

Hi Charlie. I am so sorry to hear how you are being treated. Im glad your Dr has signed you off work but I still think this should be taken further and an official complaint put in. Xxx

Hi I too am working whilst going through treatment due to being a single mum and not very good sic pay. I have had 4 operations in 7 weeks, lumpectomy, mastectomy, reconstruction and axillary sample for ductal cell only it also found lobular invasive so back to theatre to try shave wider margin from cancer. Thought that was it but haemorrhaged and back to theatre I went. I returned to work as a nurse and have continued throughout radiotherapy, blowing down my top and slapping on cream to my burnt chest inbetween patients. I made the descision to return due to finances but it has helped to get back to normal although times like this when nausea hits, my chest is on fire and am still awake at 3.30am and up at 7, are hard. My bosses whilst not having fantastic sickness package are very supportive as should everyones. As a teacher I hope you have the 6 months full and 6 months half pay so that financially the worry is less. As for your boss, you need to address the situation officially, this is bullying and harassment at the worst time possible. Occy health , your local education authority and Macmillan should all be able to help you. Good luck x

I too am a teacher and whilst my school is being very good - I am on a temporary contract and am worried about it not being renewed. I am an experienced teacher and are therefore expensive and have found getting work since returning from working abroad very difficult. I am worried that there are now two reasons not to give me a job, my pay level and the amount of sick leave taken. I am the main wage earner in the family and we can’t manage without my wage. I love my job and give it my all. I work about 70 hours a week. Before treatment I tried to cut down on the amount of comments on marking etc., doing less detailed planning but was pulled up on this.  Does anyone think that I will be able to carry on with this and undergo radiotherapy?

wow, if only my employer was like that.  My cancer was confirm Tue 12th Nov 2013 on the Thursday had a phone asking me what my plan of action was and when I would be returning to work.  I went back the following Monday as I was booked in for a WLE 9th dec and continued to work until the Tuesday of the week before when they wanted to move me to another department and put me in training for the rest of the week, So i decided to take unpaid leave couldn’t see the point.  First sick note went in on 18th dec for 12 weeks as I had holiday days to use from the 9th dec or I would loss them.  the week after my op a text message from my manager asking me how I was and that HR wanted to do a home visit to support me back to work to which i told them where to go.  After various phone calls and text messages the final straw was when I received a letter sent the day after a Mastectomy telling me all about the consoling service they could offer to support me back to work, up until then the have a pot of money that allows them to continue to pay full pay to people under exceptional.  I sent them a letter after speaking with my BCN and consultant who advised me to point out that there continuous contact in pressurising me to go back to work was hindering my recovery and causing me undue stress.  I have received not further contact from the but it seems they have now decided that they can no long pay me full pay so am now on SSP a big drop each month but I don’t care my health is more important.


Sorry thats my rant over now

I found out I had cancer after being unemployed for 3 months. Only 70 pounds a week, no help with the cost of 120 mile trips to hospital. Sometimes two times a week.


the stress of this means I cannot deal with my illness dealing with my claim for esa is a nightmare.  some days I wish I had not gone for screening at all.