Finding a wig before chemo

I live in Hertfordshire and would like to know if there are any good places to go to for wigs. My sister has had a masectomy and now needs chemo. Trying to sort out a wig for her before chemo starts. Please help

Hi Natasha and welcome to the BCC forums,

In addition to the information you will receive from your fellow forum users, BCC have published a booklet about hair loss caused by treatments for breast cancer which you and your sister may find helpful to read, you can read or download it via this link:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/12/

The back of the booklet contains information about further support your sister may wish to access, including the headstrong programme which is a free advisory service run by professionally trained volunteers who can offer you information and support on hair loss due to cancer treatments.

Best wishes

Hi Natasha
There is a shop in Ware, called Hair to Wear.
I can pm you the number if you cant find it
Sandra x

You can also contact website My New Hair. It is run by hairdressers who have been trained to help anyone with hairloss to pick out a wig and then they will cut it. I got mine through this, it is not cheap but it turned out that unless you get a free wig it does not turn out any dearer that what most people paid. The hairdresser came to the wig shop with me and help me to chose a wig that she could cut to the shape I wanted. In fact the ones I would have chosen would not have been that good. There were lots of things she pointed out that I would not have known. I have read on other threads about fringes sticking out, my wig did not have a fringe on purchase she cut one into it and it looks beautiful. I chose to go this route as I felt if I had to wear a wig it had better be a damn good one.

Hi Natasha, I also have heard that hair to wear in Ware are good. I got mine on line and it was an Ellen Wille wig, really fab, highlights (3 colours), really light and everyone thought it was fab. PM me if you want the website. I bought it outright as it was £65 which is the price I would have had to pay as a prescription charge through the hospital.
Best of luck to you and your sis