finding bras after reconstruction

I have had bilateral reconstruction and I am finding it very difficult to get comfortable bras. Most of the time I don’t wear a bra at all, which is great, but some clothes definitely look better with one on. However, being out of the way of wearing a bra, it means that when I do wear one I find it really annoying, and they put me in a bad mood at times when I want to look my best! Also, my skin can feel a bit sensitive after all the surgery. The thing is, I don’t need any uplift, but just some gentle streamlining or pushing in at the sides. I can’t find a solution that will do that in bigger sizes (E or F cup) as all the softer and non-wired styles seem to be aimed at smaller cup sizes that generally need less support. Has anyone had a similar problem and been able to find a solution? It’s not so bad in winter, but looking forward to summer it would be nice to find an answer.

Try the Triumph Tri-active sports bra (not the ‘extreme’ version).

Although a sports bra, it doesn’t squish you in too much and allows a bit of cleavage to be shown. So comfy that, for everyday, I’m still wearing them one year on.

Can get them on-line quite easily - cost £18-£23


Thank you for your suggestion, D. I’ll definitely check that out. I’d seen Ahh Bras and Genie bras advertised - they sound wonderful in the ads, but the reviews are very mixed. Has anyone any experience of them? Unfortunately, they seem to come in packs of three, making them an expensive experiment if they don’t do the trick.

Agree totally with DJ - I’m a year on and hardly wear anything else*, indeed just bought some new ones… Not pretty, but very comfy

* No that’s not right, sounds Freudian! I mean that’s pretty much the only kind of bras I buy/wear. I do wear clothes over them!!!

Oh my!!!

John lewis are good if u have one near you
Brill after my recon
Rosie x

Bunnykins I just bought the arr bra from amazon.23.99for a pack of three, best thing I have bought in a long time!!! Ok they are not for wear on a night out , but for every day they are so comfy, my friend has big boobies 42dd and she finds them so comfortable she wears nothing else

Thanks to all for the helpful suggestions. In the end I got a nursing bra from John Lewis - called Bravado and described as silk and seamless (£30). You can change the clips and it converts to a normal bra. There is a chart on the pack to help you choose the right size. It’s quite good - soft and stretchy with a wide band underneath so doesn’t dig in and it gives me quite a good shape. The band does have a tendency to wrinkle up, but because it quite soft is not really a problem. I wouldn’t say my search for a comfortable bra is completely over, but this is a good step on the way.

I have struggled with bras after LICAP on left. Have found an amazing one that is cheap now. It is a crop top from Sainsbury at £6 and £4 only. There are no seams, soft cotton and very stretchy. No under wiring either. Would highly recommend as the expensive ones were no good for me! Hoe it helps you