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Quick question nothing trival really BUT:

dont know if it is just me but i have noticed when i put nail polish on my nails it only seems to last 1 day then starts to come off , just comes away…on Tamoxifen


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SNAP! me on tamoxifen to…

I thought it might be the damage chemo did. (finished chemo last jan 06) they have never recovered.


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Can’t help but I found my nails went brittle on Tamoxifen too, and still are now I’m off it. anyone know any way of helping brittle nails, and really really really dry skin too for that matter?
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hi cant say i had the sae problem as havnt had taoxifem, im on arimadex. but whilst i was on taxotere i lost most of my nails and now the ones i have are really strong and today my daughter has just put on a lovely polish! ill let you know how long it stays on for. as to dry skin ,i used almond oil especially when my skin was coming away from my fingers. hope this helps. lynn x

thought it was cheap brands i was buying…lol

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Hi, Nail problems develop if you have had treatment for breast cancer or not. There is a product called Magic Nails retails about £8.00 I get mine from John Lewis. I have’nt seen it anywhere else. It is very good though.


magic nails cool will try it

thanks for that