Good morning
going for m 1st scan this morning since starting back on chemo in dec for liver secondarys, really nervous as i know im playing the waiting game again , its the first time i havent told anybody apart from hubby and best friends that im having my scan today, my parents worry so much and i would just love to turn up on their doorstep with some good news without putting tem trough the agony of waiting for results, i just pray my chemo is working
galen x

Fingers, legs, all crossed for you, good luck hun, thinking of you.

Teresa xxx

Everything crossed for your results today - it is the pits, waiting. Good Luck.

Jenny x

Hi Galen,

Wishing you good luck with your results. I hope you have good news for your parents and for yourself. My fingers and everything else are crossed.
Esme x

Hey hun,

Tons of luck and fingers and toes crossed all is working. Hope to see you tomorrow night xxx

I know so well that awful feeling of anxiety when you are waiting for results, so have my fingers crossed for you.


Good Luck its an awful feeling waiting for results. Everthing crossed.
Love Lesley

My fingers are crosed for you,hope the results are quick!

Wishing you the best of luck with your scan results Galen.

Will keep everything crossed for you.

Hopefully you will get the results quickly.

Take care, Paula XXX

Fingers and toes firmly crossed for you,
Good luck!!

Keeping fingers crossed for you, hope you have great results !!!

max x

Good luck Galen
thinking about you xxx

Hope your results are good Galen, thinking of you xxx

I hope all went well today and you get some good scan results…xxxx

Just adding my good luck to everyone else’s and hoping the wait for results isn’t too long and the results are good.
Nicky x

Me too Galen hope yu don’t have long to wait for good results.

Anne xx

Morning all

Just to let you know that live chat for secondary breast cancer is now open. Please follow this link to join us.

Hope you can join us, see you there.

Best wishes


I tried to get into live chat but nothing happened. I kept posting messages but they disappeared - is it me?

Hi bydand

Sorry you are having problems with the Live Chat, I will get someone to look into it.

kind regards
June, moderator

hi everybody
thank you so much for your lovely messages, my doctor has rung me with the results and there is SHRINKAGE , i am so chuffed they have halfed in size, i had had 4 cycles of capecitabine & herceptin the largest tumour was 4.6 is now 2.4 and great reduction in the other 2 tumours, i went flying down to mum and dads house and the look on their faces was fantastic and they hugged me to death, my hubby and children are delighted, thank you so much for all your support
love to you all
galen xxx