Fingers crossed - what else can go wrong?!

Hi All,
Thanks for your lovely messages. Got to hospital 7a.m. last Monday, sent to the day room for ages and then finally showed to my bed on the ward. They took my blood pressure, temperature and pulse but that was it till gone lunch time when I was taken to have the wire marker inserted. Lady doctor tried first but couldn’t do it, said breast tissue was fibrous, male doctor came but 2 attempts and god knows how many mammograms later still not in correct place so instead of using ultrasound to guide them I was put on machine they eventually got a result they were happy with and I was taken back to the ward. I had decided just to have the WLE although I had been offered a breast reduction - one of the nurses ended up upsetting me because she said she would have jumped at the chance of cosmetic surgery by just a brilliant surgeon, I replied that I have people relying on me and wanted a quick recovery time and she started going on about me being important too and think of myself and before I knew it I was sobbing! - then again, I had had nothing to eat since 10 p.m. night before and nothing to drink since 6 a.m. we were now mid afternoon and I was cold, tired and hungry! They eventually fetched me to do the operation at 4p.m. - why had I been there all day ? . I had told them that 20 years ago I had a general anaesthetic for dentistry work and had a bad reaction so they said they would give me lots of anti sickness stuff this time. Despite this, I had another bad reaction and they had to bring me round with oxygen can remember very little about the rest of that day but the next day I woke up with an oxygen mask on again. Tuesday is also a blur, I was violently sick 4 times and they ended up giving me intravenous drugs to stop it. Everyone else on the ward was waking up having tea and toast after their ops! - trust me! I just wanted to go home so despite their protesting I discharged myself Tuesday night - at least I knew I would sleep better in my own bed. A week later I am still getting occasional dizzy spells - as anyone else experienced anything like this? However - surgeon has done a brilliant job, by the time it’s healed you wont be able to see any noticeable difference, he’s taken a piece the size of a tangerine he said but evened out the tissue - by the way, he said the wire marker was still not exactly in the right place even after 3 attempts!! I hope despite this he has got it all and when I get my results at the end of the month I can breath a sigh of relief (fingers crossed) - he has said if results not good it will mean a mastectomy.
Sorry for going on, and for anyone awaiting surgery - this is worse case scenario, I just am not good with anaesthetic!

I had a violent reaction to the pre-med and cursed everyone, then came round afterwards with huge amount of pain, which went on for half an hour until the doctors who were in someone else’s operation were able to prescribe medication. Trouble was it involved poking it up my arse

the joys of surgery

Sorry to hear that you both has such nasty reactions. I would even up the score (and feel free to hate me) and say that I came round from my op bright and clear - had a little bit of discomfort but the anethietist came immediately and gave me an shot of morphine into the canula in the back of my hand. Within minutes of being back in my room I was able to take a call from my Mam and tell her I was ok, assured her I was fit for a visit that afternoon and request that she brought chocolate in with her.

Not sure if practice makes perfect cos I’ve had numerous operations so maybe I am just getting used to being knocked out.

The joys of anaesthetic had been forgotten by me until I read this thread, but thanks so much for reminding me!! I’m due for surgery in a few weeks time (date not yet set, op not yet decided, probably mx & recon, awaiting MRI & consultant next week) I have had lots of problems in the past with opiates (like morphine) - first time when I had an egg collection which is not even done under General anaesthetic and second time with tonsils. The tonsil time I had spoken to the anaesthetist prior to surgery and explained my concerns. he was extremely pissed off with me and suggested that he knew how to do his job far better than I did (true - but he didn’t know about me and opiates!) and gave me fentanil during the op. i was consequently nauseous and vomitting for 2 days post tonsils. Imagine that with raw bleeding tonsil beds!!! The nurses encouraged me to complain, but I never did… more recently i had a D&C after miscarriage (yes, my life’s great right now!) and had a fantastic anaesthtist who monitored me closely and used pain killers other than opiates. I woke up bouncing. I’m hoping for a repeat performance of gas skills with this next op!!

Good luck to you all
Td x

Hi all, thanks for your replies, good to know it’s not just me and TD hope all goes better for you next time!