Finished at Last !!!!

Finished at Last !!!

Finished at Last !!! I still cant believe it but I have finished my BC treatment. After being diagnosed June 06 with grade 3 BC I had a Lumpectomy and full lymph gland clearance followed by 6 FEC Chemo’s and have just finished 30 Rad’s. I’m triple neg so no further treatment available. I’m now free from hospital visits until July when I have a Mamo’ and see the specialist and hopefully get the all clear !!! Keeping everything crossed !!! Best of luck to all still on the roller coaster ride and hope the end is in sight for you too
Hugs Jill

congrats so pleased for you!Its a great feeling after all the treatments etc.
good luck to you-crack open a bottle or eat box chocs-my rewawrd!!
sharon x

hello hi im due to finish rads on tuesday, i had a mastectomy in october 06 and chemo then rads ,can you tell me if the hospital where you had your rads made your follow up appointments or you doc? i havnt as yet heard much of when im to have follow up only a scan to see if im clear, as the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes, which i had removed ,i am hoping to return to work very soon ,they have been very understanding but wont be pleased if i have to have further time away , hope to hear from you soon , well done on finishing yours, have a glass or two on me!! love lynn x

Well Done Jill On finishing the course, it’s a great feeling to be free from all the travelling and treatments. Being triple neg brings it’s own worries, but like you we just have to live n the hope that we will never need treatment again. Good luck for the future.


Hi Lynn, I had a follow up appointment a month after surgery and was then given an appointment for the next check but someone didnt do their maths very well as it was for the day after I finished my Rad’s.
I was way too tender and hot for the doc to examine me so was told to make an appointment on the way out for a Mamo’ and see the surgeon in July. The Oncologist wants to see me Nov/Dec but I guess that appointment will be sent by post. Thank you all for your good wishes I am off today for a slap up meal and a big bottlle of bubbly to follow. !!!
I still cant believe after nearly nine months of hospital visits ( the last six weeks being daily) that it has at last finished !!! Hugs Jill

Hi Jill,
Enjoy your day, it sounds great. Well done on completing your treatment - it’s a long road isn’t it but just enjoy the moment!

All the very best,