Finished at last!!!!

Finished at last!!!

Finished at last!!! I have just had my last rads, its been a long 9mths, surgery, chemo and then 25 rads but i’ve done it, i’m so happy for it to be finished!!
Wishing everyone all the best!!

Love Gilly xxx

Congratulations!treat yourself to something nice as a reward for what youve coped wishes

well done hey i remember the day mine finished! just remember your body needs time to recover from all the stress .i found it hit me really hard a few weeks after my rads had finished. i wish you well take care love lynn xx

congrats to you, what a great feeling, i remember enjoying the moments after it had a finished and also taking a bit more time for myself before going back to work.
sharon x

Congratulations to you, i remember that day too!

Lots of love and good wishes to you for the future.

Claire x

Well done. We all know the feeling. You will now get your life back and what a wonderful feeling it is.
I have just booked a holiday to Cyprus in April. I can hardly believe I am going.
Take Care and all the best.