Finished Chemo.. What next

I have just finished chemo, last week. I have been told by onc, that they wont be doing a scan, that worries me, I want to know there is no more cancer anywhere. Is this the usual procedure? Also I was told to avoid sunshine whilst on chemo, how long now before I can sunbathe again…

don’t know the answers to any of it, am still on chemo, just want to say well done on finishing your last chemo


Thank you. How you doing with the chemo?

shite but at least half way through the shite now.

Well done for getting half way, I found it slightly easier after the 3rd one, hope you do too…

I finished chemo beginning of May and asked this question at my next appointment. I was told (had mx then chemo) I would have a mammogram on other side a year from diagnosis ie in November then yearly from then. People keep asking me ‘was chemo successful?’ and ‘whats the prognosis?’ (well thats one person in particular who seems obsessed with the word prognosis-has asked me a few times!) Wish I knew!
I know I had clear margins at mastectomy so see chemo as a preventative treatment.
I too found the second 3 chemos easier to get through, felt I was on the homeward stretch, Now on daily rads, 5 down 10 to go!
Love Janey x

Forgot to say in last post I went to Portugal 3 weeks after finishing chemo ( it was v hot over 30 degrees) and sunbathed for short periods but wore high factor suncream/sun hat and was careful. x

Hiya - i finished chemo on the 18th May - next appointment for me is mid August to see how the tamoxifen is going (not started it yet ) Have already got appointment in for next Feb for mamo etc - 1yr and 1 month after DX. I thought there would be something sooner with the breast consultant.

Re sun - been told to wear factor 50 on holiday - but nonetheless oncologist thought a week in the sun (6wks after last chemo ) sounded like a good idea.



I finished my chemo (fec) in Feb this year. I will have a mamo scan in Aug this year. Was told that it takes a breast a long time to get over the effects of ops, chemo, rads etc. so that was why the hospital leave it a few months until after treatment has finished for the next mamo. Was told this by the rads review team.

Every hospital has its own policy on scans & follow ups. In Leicester they do a mammo every 18 months, and will only do a scan if you have symptoms that need following up. You need to remember that a scan will only show up a tumour once it’s got to the size roughly of a thumb nail. So no scan can ever tell you that you are clear of cancer - just that there is nothing there big enough for a scan to detect.

As Roadrunner says every hospital has their own policy regarding follow-up appointments, scans, mammos etc.

I was dx 2 years ago and am nearly 18 months post treatment and I haven’t had a scan of any sort since chemo. They are only given if you present with symptoms. I do get annual mammos though.

Like you initially I would have preferred some annual scans but have since changed my thinking. It took a while to get my life back on track and start enjoying life again. The box of worries safely stored away in my mind (comes out occasionally). If I was having regular scans then the worry would never go away, I’d be forever worried about the next appointment/scan/whatever. At least now I get on with enjoying life.

I also went abroad on holiday the week after I finished rads. Factor 50 and covered the affected part but no problems.

Now your treatment is finished, concentrate on enjoying life and getting fit again (in that order). The worry will lessen with time.

Good luck
Mal x

PS Good luck also to those going thro’ chemo. You’ll soon be out the other side and planning for the future.

Hi how different all out treatment is. I finished chemo late April but had it before surgery so a hol was not on the cards. Was not told about sunbating/not sunbathing tho’Had a MRI after last chemo but I think that was because it was hoped that the chemo would shrink the tumour(it didn’t).Had a u/s 4hrs before surgery to x marks the spot.Mal thanks so much for your encouraging words it really helps. Jackiexx