finished radiotheraphy and i have so much anger !!!!

hi i finished chemo in august and radiotheraphy 16 days ago and im just so angry this last week every little thing is annoying me and im so short tempered .this really isnt like me at all … its becoming to worry me now why im doing it … its mostly directed at my husband and close family members … anybody else going through this ? i really dont know what to do

Hi angel77

I am sorry to read that you are feeling like this, it may help to talk how you are feeling over with one of our helpliners, please feel free to call on 0808 800 6000 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi angel, my fuse was definitely shorter after chemo in January but it’s gradually getting better…think it’s the realisation that active treatment is over coupled with all the hormonal changes brought on by forced menopause…I’m not on any meds so can’t blame the tablets. Hope things improve for you soon…meanwhile explain to everyone that it’s the changes you’re going through…I’m sure they’ll understand xx

Angel, I don’t think your feelings are at all abnormal. Many of the ladies on my chemo monthly thread have reported similar feelings as they come to the end of treatment, which for most of us has been radiotherapy, and I know I have been very crabby with my husband. I think some of it is relief and having the time/space to think about something other than getting through the treatment. It is also a bit if 'what next? And the worry that it will come back. Finally, I think ones friends and family tend to think it’s all over and you should be feeling great and moving on, whereas we still have to assimilate everything that has happened to us.