Finished today....

Hello All!

I had my last chemo today - 3 FEC and 12 Taxol…phew! Has been a tiring old road, but had a really positive meeting with my oncologost and bcn this morning and am feeling fairly chirpy about everything.

Wanted to send this to wish everyone well who is going through it, luck for those just starting and thanks for those who have been so supportive with tips and advice.

On to rads for me now!! Hope you’re having good days

Lots of love, Liz xxx

Hi Lizalou

Brilliant news, glad to hear you got through the barrage with a smile on your face!

rads are a breeze compared with chemo, in fact I made some really good aquaitences whilst attending rads clinic because appointment times seemed to stay the same! The nurses were great and I it sounds silly but I was sorry to say goodbye.

Hi those who have read my last comment

Apologies to anyone who has just had radiotherapy. Absolutely no flippancy intended, the prospect of skin burns and fatigue is nothing to look forward to.
So sorry to have been insensitive.

Well done on reaching the end, it gives us all hope, i don’t finish til middle of December and can’t help but count the days, but when you look back it seems to have gone so quickly.

Gaynor x

Hi Lizalou

Well done. Must be great! Look forward to joining you - have one more taxotere to go. I know though. The chemo nurses are wonderful and I will stay with them for herceptin… Don’t worry about sensitivity cb102 - most of us have it to go!

Have a lovely evening Lizalou

Much love


Thanks Dilys,
My brain is always one step behind my mouth!

Hi cb102

No worries you were fine. Known as chemo brain in our house! I showed my OH a wonderful personal ad in Private Eye last night. Guy was looking for a woman younger (just) than me, and attractive (ho ho) for trips in his yacht round the South of France. Somehow I upset my OH! Silly devil… As if…

Good luck with the radio my love. Can’t wait to get there myself though I gather it can have its problems. What doesn’t?