Finished Hi All - just wanted to share my news - today Thursday 17th August 2006, I went to the Breast Clinic for routine check up - I was hoping to get to 12 month appointments - guess what

I have been discharged - they dont want to see me again - hoorah

No tablets and No Clinics (well hardly) - I am FREE at LAST

I have only to see my Breast Care Nurse - that will be in May or June 2007.

cheers David W

Well done!! How do you feel?

Min xx

Fantastic News! Hi David

That really is wonderful news and always good to hear from someone further down the bumpy road.

You must feel like a millstone has been lifted from your neck. What will you do with all that spare time? Anything you want, I hope!

Good luck to you and your family. Have fun and enjoy life. You deserve it.

AW x

How do I feel Minhay Just F A N T A S T I C

finished That is brilliant news David, you must feel fantastic. Well done you. Hope you have some brill celebrations in store.

It is good to hear that some people are doing really well. Thanks for sharing your good news with us all.



Thanks for the best wishes Thanks to all - I cant believe it all yet - I was diagnosed in December 2003, I had no future, looked at all the treatment I was going to have - low and behold all behind me within 3 years - I cant beleive it.

oh dear turning into Victor Meldrew

Thanks to all and use me as an example, all you who read this.

David W

Well done David, I’ve watched and read your postings with admiration !!

I finished my 5 years on Tamoxifen last month but am still having 6 monthly check ups !!

Love Sue

Great news David. Enjoy!

So pleased for you David Hi David,
Well what can I say how fantastic that it is all over you must feel great.
I am sooooooooooooooooo pleased for u. I know you were having problems with the Tamoxifen and it is great they took you off them.
Good luck with everything see you in September.
Love Clairemm x x x

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Kind Regards

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