Finishing work

Hi ladies just need some advice I was diagnosed in December 2014 fast forward to 2016 when I returned to work after surgery chemo radiotherapy and herceptin at first it seemed ok I reduced to three days and I thought it was going to be fine but gradually the place I work has become a lot busier and it is quite physical I am so tired and run down I just wondered if any ladies out there had finished work and been able to claim anything I did notice the thread before which was similar any advice would be welcomed love Judi xxx

Hi Judi, I am hoping to get some information on this also :slight_smile: I have taken my hours down to 16 a week but even that is too much and I wonder if Im doing my self more harm by keep returning to work instead of taking time to fully recover. Also I will have reconstruction later this year so will need more time off work for that. Im so exhausted and fed up with being ill,Im sure my doctor would support me if I wanted to claim ESA but its such a difficult decision to make when I have family to consider. Hopefully we will get some advice that will help us decide xxx

Hi ladies I was diagnosed in September 2014 and was made redundant April 2015 during chemo!

I claimed ESA and did some ad hoc casual work as an exam invigilator to ease myself back into work - even a couple of hours 2/3 times a week was very tiring but good for self esteem.

You are allowed to work up to 16 hours per week with a max of £120 whilst claiming ESA which could be an option?

I’m not sure about eligibility if you choose to give up work, that’s something you’ll have to check. Macmillan will give you good advice.

I returned to permanent work in September 2016 - fortunately only 3 miles down the road, I do 6 hours a day 4 days a week (a very valuable Wednesday off each week) and it’s term time only, I really need that time off every 6/7 weeks as I’m still very short of energy.

I hope you both find a workable solution soon and don’t overdo it in the meantime x

Hi Ladies,

I haven’t been on here for a while as I am trying to ‘move on’ but, today I find myself yet again in floods of tears because I am spiralling in amongst so many factors.

I am, to all intents and purposes, recovered from BC. Having finished radiotherapy Jan 2017 and passed each medical since. However, I have chronic depression, fatigue (since finishing rads) and am awaiting an MRI scan prior to a knee operation. I did return to work in May 2017 but crashed in November. My fit notes now say depression as the cancer is not the direct cause. My pay ceased in May and sick pay ceased this month. I have claimed ESA and now have to fill in an ESA50. The form seems to be directed at people without a job. I still have mine but have had an OH refferal (outcome ‘not fit’ mostly due to knee) and now have a meeting with HR and my boss next week. I know it’s supposed to be both positive and supportive but I just feel so emotional! Another thing with the ESA50 is I don’t think I can use having fatigue after cancer as it has been 18 months since I finished treatment. I keep looking at it but am afraid I might fill it in wrong. I have been in touch with Maggies ‘Tom Benefits’ who is very good - he also thinks the time factor could go against me.

I would be interested to hear how you have got on. Also, if it comes to it, how long can you claim ESA and work reduced hours and can this can be done in a current job or does it have to be a new one? Has anyone else filled in ESA50?

I’m so worried about no pay affecting my pension. I have 3 years to go before retirement. Sorry to go on but I know I can tell it how it is with you ladies!

x Jak60