Firm, swollen, sore - breasts and underarm

Hi there

I am sure this is ‘normal’ and have checked with chemo nurses and breast care nurses (who remain a bit evasive) - in the first week of my fourth cycle of FEC - worst so far all round but particularly my upper torso - breasts and under my arm where nodes removed are firm, swollen and quite painful. No signs of infection or anything like that but I do feel that I have 18 year old breasts again rather than my previously limp 43 year old ones!! Don’t complain I hear you all say - but just a bit anxious because of the amount of discomfort. Sure it’s just another side effect of the ‘poisoning’ - also on Neulasta so do get some flu type symptoms and bony pain with that as well. Also retaining about four or five pounds of fluid which is harder to shift this time - any comments on any of this would be gratefully received.

(sorry folks - just re-read the above and sounds like I’m having a real moan - well I suppose I am)

Oh - another point - periods - heavier than ever before - flooding/pouring - and the most disgusting brown vaginal discharge in between periods - all very unpredictable knowing what is going to occur and when - sound familiar to anyone? I was given the impression by onc that periods would probably go all together one chemo started but oh no…

Any of your comments would be much appreciated - or even if you just fancy a moan as well!

I too have the same breast symptom. I had my mastectomy in mid November and cannot believe that it is so swollen and hard. The surgeon used glue to seal the wound and this has not yet dissolved fully, so I often feel as if barbed wire is cutting across me.
I cannot believe after six months I still have such a mass of bumpy hard flesh.
I am told that there is no longer fluid there. The standard reply to my enquiry is “carry on with the exercises.”
Thankyou for this thread because I am thoroughly p…d off with it and this moan has done me good.
No comment on periods - much too old.
One worry that I do have is that the state of my once breast and underarm will affect reconstruction. Does anyone know?