First appointment in breast clinic dissapoitment

Hi, I’m 39 3 weeks ago I noticed thickening in my breast with a lump in it as well. Went to gp and been referred to the breast clinic which I attended yday. In the clinic I was seen by a surgeon who checked my breast in 1 minute, marked a lump with a pen and send me off for scan. Scan also took about a minute and the doctor stated he cannot see anything and just left. My lump-thickening is hard to touch large and very obvious. I was told to go home…in the first moment I felt happy it’s nothing wrong. But then I thought I should be given a diagnosis if it’s  nothing serious still there are so many different types of lumps and I would like to know what is mine…I felt like they just wanted to do it quick and that’s it. Noone cared to speak to me later. Im also not sure if they done all they should and I’m still worried now. The scan was only taken on that only one place of breast they  didn’t check anything else…so-so dissapointed.will have to now save money to go private

Are you in the U.K. ? You could go back and discuss your concerns with your GP and ask for a second opinion on NHS ? You certainly need some explanation for your breast changes ? The clinic should write to your GP so maybe make an appointment in a week or so when they will have received the letter ? X

Hi Franc


I’m sorry to read about your situation. Most breast lumps are benign so their diagnosis may well be correct but you still should have been told what you have. It sounds like very poor practice. The clinic will write to your GP with their findings but you have to wait for this - at my hospital, as much as 4-6 weeks. Going privately won’t change the diagnosis - I was initially treated privately and my first ultrasound was clear (very wrong). You get the same specialists, doing the same job with the same skills. An initial consultation, ultrasound and mammogram cost me about £600.


It was my private oncologist who persuaded me to transfer to the NHS under him!! The only difference being a private patient is that you have a degree of control over your appointments and can speed things up. So I’d suggest you don’t waste your money - ask your GP to request the diagnosis on your behalf. That should get you the information you need quickly. Good luck x