First appointment. Lump/pain in left breast.

Hi. I have found a lump at the side of my left breast. It’s kind of underneath near the armpit and is quite painful. I think it’s positioned near muscle/ligaments so I am getting quite a lot of pain/heaviness in my left arm and shoulder. My right breast is fine, the tissue in the left breast certainly seems a lot different to the right one.


I noticed lumpiness in that area about a month ago. Last week when I found a more defined hard lump I went to my GP. She found thickening of the breast tissue and a couple of lumps, she did the quick 2 wk referral. I have an appointment at the Cambridge Breast Clinic at Addenbrookes this Friday.


The waiting is the worst! I am optimistic as 80% of lumps are benign but still I am a bit concerned. I am 41, my aunt had breast cancer in her 40’s she responded well to treatment and has kept well since. I was drinking heavily last year and know this can increase the risk.


Hope I don’t sound like a hypochodriac but I have also found some lumps below my right rib cage over my liver. I stopped drinking five months ago, my liver function test were normal in April but as I’ve found this at the same time as the breast lump, I’m wondering if I should go to my GP again or mention it at the breast clinic appt. Anyway must not catastrophise!



If anyone could offer any advice I would really appreciate it! I think I’m over worrying a bit at the moment, any info about intial appointments would be really helpful. Many thanks.



First bit of advise, calm down :slight_smile:


It is quite normal to imagine pains and lumps all over the place because the anxiety monster takes over your rational thoughts.  Take one step at a time, small steps are the best, so first focus on the appointment this friday.


You are right that most lumps turn out to be a benign breast condition as you will see from the posts on here. 


On the day you will probably have a mammogram and ultra sound and it is possible that they might want to take a biopsy for further investigation, this does not mean that you have cancer, just that they want to look at what it might be which can only be done in a laboratory, there are lots of ladies who have had biopsies and they have come back clear. 


It would be a good idea to take someone with you for moral suport but also to have another pair of ears, it is amazing how much information we miss when hearing good and not so good news.


Try not to poke and prod as this will not only raise your anxiety levels but also will make the area sore.


Let us know how you get on Friday.


Helena xxx

Hi Nic, 


Its so very normal to imagine you have things popping up everywhere when faced with a potential cancer diagnosis, your mind goes in to hyper drive! The waiting is the absolute pits but try and hang on to the thought that the majority of lumps turn out to be just fine and there is every reason to think yours will to! 


At your clinic appointment they will give you a physical check up, then a mammogram and often an ultrasound, they are very thorough and aim to be able to send you on your way with a clear picture of what is going on, if they find something that needs further investigation they will do a biopsy which will mean a wait of around a week for results, they are lovely and will look after you , it may be worth mentioning about the other lumps you can feel but I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about ? Please come back and let us know how you get on Xx 

Thank you all. The team at the breast clinic were great, mammogram and ultrasound done within 2 hrs. Had good news from the consultant that the changes in the breast were fibrocystic. 

Happy to hear your good news ?

Nic, So very happy to here you are all clear xoxoxo - best news. Good luck and yes go get those other lumps sorted otherwise you’ll drive yourself insane


Hi Nic, so glad you had good news. I’ve just been referred (non-urgent) to my local breast care centre. Right breast has been very tender And gp detected some thickening in both breast which she thinks is cystic in nature. Just waiting for appointment, fingers crossed it’s something easy and treatable 

Got my appointment date- 29th August! The referrals management office phoned me on my mobile this morning but my phone was switched off(charging battery!!) so I got the message this afternoon and phoned them. She said it would only take an hour for the appointment. 

Hello I am glad you now have your appointment and don’t have too long to wait x

I had a mammogram and ultrasound on the 8th and was told I had bc. I had biopsies on my breast and lymph node on the 11th. My next appointment is on Tuesday the 22nd to hopefully get my results and treatment plan. I first visited my Gp on July 28th but my urgent referral appointment wasn’t scheduled until August 30th. I was seen privately on the 8th and squeezed in for biopsies on the 11th by the nhs. My appointment on Tuesday is also nhs who I will be staying with for treatment. I only went private as I could not of managed to wait almost five weeks for my first appointment.
The waiting is very difficult. I just want to know what I am facing and get on with beating this thing