First appointment tomorrow - do mammograms hurt?


My first appointment is finally here tomorrow morning. I agree with what other ladies have said about the waiting being terrible. I am assuming I will be having a mammogram tomorrow and I was wondering - do they hurt?

I’ve been told that the appointment could last up to 5 hours - does that mean I will get the results tomorrow? Or will I just be given some idea of what it could be?

Look forward to your help.

Hi Deborah
5 hours does suggest a one stop shop. I was dx at one in march. It involved an examination by a doc to locate the lump and check glands etc. Then a mammogram , which was uncomfortable and awkward but not painful - it depends on how big your breasts are. Because the mammogram showed a lump I then had an ultrasound and a biopsy was taken. This did not hurt. We were then asked to come back for the results. Obviously things can go differently depending on what they do or don’t find. If you are a younger it is worth asking for an ultrasound even if the mammogram shows nothing . Also mention all other symptoms like discharge itching etc. Hope you get a good result and someace of mind. Dx

Hi there,

I am the biggest whimp ever and I can honestly say the mammogram didn’t hurt at all. I had heard all the stories saying how awful it is and was absolutely terrified but I really had no need to worry. I’d never imagined my boobs could be squashed so much which made it uncomfortable but definitely not painful.

I was told to expect to be there up to 3-4 hours and was there around 3 hours with the majority of the time just waiting… to see the doctor then waiting to have the Mammo (which took around 10-15 minutes) then waiting to see the radiologist then waiting to see the doctor again.

I was asked to go back 2 days later for a core biopsy but I believe some clinics do all tests on the same day. I don’t know for sure but I would imagine that even if you do have to return for further tests then would be given some idea what it could be.

Please don’t worry about the mammogram it really isn’t too bad.

Hope this helps and good luck for tomorrow xx

Hi Midge

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m 42 does that class me as young?!
Don’t feel it!! At this age should I ask for an ultrasound as well?


Hi Deborah, good luck tmrw. My appointment was all day at a one stop clinic too and was pretty much the same experience except I was told I would be having ultrasound as well as mammogramfrom the outset due to my she, 36. Hope it’s good news for you, please let us know, vickie

Meant to say my age not she! I have a feeling that under forty have ultrasound definitely but that there’s more variation over forty. Personally I would ask for one to put your mind St ease. A five hour appointment suggests they ptob will anyway.

I had a recall letter and was told it might take 5 hours. I had a more detailed mammo and then saw a consultant radiologist who showed me the screen and then did an ultra sound. I then had to wait for about an hour and had biopsies done which took about 40 minutes. I was then called back a week later and saw a surgeon with the results and he suggested a mastectomy. I had that done 3 weeks later saw him again 1 week later with pathology results. Saw Oncologist the same day. Waited 1 more week for a further test and then 3 weeks later started my chemo which was every 3 weeks for 6 sessions and am now on Herceptin every 3 weeks for a year and Tanoxifen.

I’ve set out my experience in the hope it will help you understand the process. Each person is different but it is all so bewildering at first isn’t it.

From everything I have read on here- personally I would ask for everything they could offer. Tell them everything and let them decide what is significant and what it not. Write it all down before you and ask sommeone to go with you to help watch and listen. Things that go over your head at the time may be important to you later. Hope it goes well. dx

Thank you ladies for all the info and advice, I’ve got a much better idea about what is going to happen. Midge - a great idea about writing everything down. I’m going to sit and do that now.

I will post tomorrow when I get home and let you know what happened.

Love Deborah xx

Hi catsmother21

Although you’ve already had some good hints and tips on what to expect from your fellow forum users I have put for you below the link to BCC’s publication ‘Referral to a breast clinic’ which you may find useful to read before your visit.*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/59/

Hope all goes well, take care.

Jo, Facilitator

Good morning

Bizarrely I slept like a baby last night?! I was expecting a bad night. Thanks Jo for the BCC’s publication. I have just read it and feel even more prepared for today, hopefully, I will understand the medical words and jargon a lot better.

I don’t feel too bad, I thought that maybe after calming down, I’d be in a panic again this morning. Fingers crossed!!


Hope all goes well - glad to hear you managed to get a good night’s sleep…

Theresa x

Thanks to you Theresa and all the other ladies that have wished me well for today - brought tears to my eyes. This site is wonderful. Our taxi is coming at 8.15am and I am shaking now but all the advice and info that I’ve had from everyone means that I am now fully prepared and know what to expect today. My husband is coming with me and he is so funny that I know he will keep my spirits up today bless him.
Love Debs xxx

well you will be in the cab now. Hope everything goes ok, let us know how it went and fingers crossed it will be ok


I hope all goes well for you. Waiting for results is the worst part.
We had gone away on holiday the week before my results were due, and then got stuck because of the volcanic ash cloud. We had to travel all the way home from Naples by train, just so I could get my results. 36 hours on a train with 2 small children and 3 enormous suitcases!