First Appointment tomorrow

Hi All, new here - just looking to speak to people and hopefully calm my nerves.

I first went to my doctors 2 years ago as the veins on my right side (larger breast side) were more prominent and i kept having a darker patch of skin. I was sent away with antibiotics as they thought it was infection hwoever it never approved.

Fast forward 2 years and i attended my doctors surgery 7 weeks ago to re-investigate as my symptoms were as follows:

More prominent veins

Increase in size on one side

Pulling sensation in nipple


I was told i was being referred - after checking with the hospital they said it was a 12 week wait for urgent appointments. Fast forward 5 weeks and I found a lump on the same side. I re-visited the doctors and she wrote another letter to the hospital referral team. 2 weeks later (today) i have now received a phone call offering an appointment tomorrow morning and i’m so scared :frowning:


I have no idea whether i will get any answers at the appointment or whether i will have to wait again?
Can anyone advise please

thanks for reading my long post


J x

hi Jodie,
Well, thankfully you have the appointment to get it sorted out, it is usual to be referred under the 2 week rule & phoning appointments through is normal practice.
If it is the breast clinic, most offer a ‘one stop shop’ service, so to speak, where you should get an answer the same day.
Normally you would have a breast examination,
followed by an ultrasound & possibly a mammogram. If a biopsy is needed in addition to this, then there is another week or 2s wait for the results.
The breast clinic is for all breast conditions & most changes have a benign explanation, most women who post on here do get the all clear.
ann x

Thanks Ann - I think writing here and having your reply has enabled me to feel a little less nervous about it. I don’t want to bother anyone until I get any other news tomorrow - if
For example they want to do a biopsy then I
Think I will tell my family, but it will only make me more anxious if they know now.

I’ll be prepared for the whole lot just incase. Thanks for taking the time to reply - it’s much appreciated x

So here goes!!! Feel sick I’m so nervous x