First Appointment with Plastic Surgeon

Hi everyone

Two years on from my diagnosis. My medical team have agreed i can go and have my reconstructive surgery. I have my first appointment with the surgeon on the 14th May. I’m trying to think of things i need to ask the surgeon and i just wanted to ask people if they could recommend questions to ask? Is there something you had wished you had asked. I don’t know what surgery he is going to recommend so have to cover all bases. Any help you can all give me would be great.



Hiya emmap1000

I’m just recovering from a diep carried out 9 nine days ago and so far so good, infact brilliant.

When I had that first consult with the PS he took a look at me and then had the diep in mind and just went over everything involved. I think the biggest thing to help me decide was meeting women he had previously operated on. The hospital ran a monthly meeting so you could chat (and look) at their battle scars and it really made my mind up that this is what I wanted. Maybe worth asking if your hospital have anything similar.

Mine gave me all my options then told me to go away, meet the ladies, do my own research then come back in a month or so and we took it from there. I am under BUPA which may give you an easier timeframe, but do take the time to be happy with your decision.

Good luck with your choices and if I can help any further just ask or PM.

Anne x