First Appointment

Been for my first appointment today,  having my tattoo etc and found it so daunting. Had I not read up on radio therapy and what to expect i would have been horrified at being told to ‘undress to your waist now please’ and being handed a ‘modesty’ cover of a tiny piece of paper by a young male a lot younger than my son.  The young lady with him was also distinctly short on empathy. He gleefully told me that ladies ‘well blessed’ like myself may need a different machine and a lot more hassle and I was lucky the boss said it was ‘ok’.  No helping hand either when it was all over to pull myself upright (i have a back problem). I am absolutely dreading the next three weeks if it is going to be like today.

hi i had different team when i started rads to when i went for planning so fingers crossed that you do as well.

That sounds awful !I face radiotherapy starting as soon as my wounds heal - had surgery last Wednesday. I am uncertain if I actually want to undergo the therapy and reading this has made me wonder all over again. So sorry that you had this awful experience and grateful to you for sharing it … Good luck for the future x