First Bra Purchase Post Surgery

Saw the Plastic Surgeon today who is very pleased with he healing (I will be 6 weeks post op on Thursday) the reduced boob that wouldn’t fully heal had a stray stitch under the scab which he took out with tweezers. All tape now off and just iodine and gauze on the one small area which he hopes will be healed in a couple of days. I see him again in 6 weeks for further follow up. The good news was I could now wear an ordinary non
wired bra. So took myself off to buy a couple. Oh dear, I didn’t expect to feel so vulnerable asking for help in fitting. The young girl was lovely and didn’t flinch at my wonky scarred boobs. I did shed a few lonely tears when she went off to get a different size. There is currently approx 2 cup size difference in each boob but I was told today that there was still a lot of swelling on the reduction side. The best bra was in debenhams, a pack of two maternity bras that are so soft and stretchy and accommodate the 2 differing size boobs very well. £26 for 2 in a microfibre fabric. Hope that helps others looking.

Hi Kentstar, surgery for me tomorrow so thankyou for the info re: the bras, I am sure it will come in useful. Hope your ok xxx

Thank you for this post - I am really struggling with this at the moment and will definitely look for those. 


It makes such a difference if the assistant is helpful and understanding. I can’t wait to buy some really pretty sexy bras. I am struggling with the scarring at the moment and the awful side boobs, which are going down but think I may need them “tidied” by plastic surgeon as they are uncomfortable and catch. I believe they are called dog ears. I also seem to have an extra puckered fold of skin in the bottom of the cleavage area on the mastectomy side which looks awful but ok in bras. I still like my new smaller pert boobs but would give anything to have my old complete body back, big and droopy they may have been but I had them a long time. Sorry, but feeling a bit down about it all at the moment, I just hate having to massage the scars, I am so squeamish it makes me feel queasy. Anyway, hope everyone is well and getting on ok. X

Hi Kentstar
I know what you mean about the massaging. I bought almond oil as I read that keeping the scars soft is really important if you want to be able to have reconstructive survey after the chemo and rads, but I hate it :frowning: I can just about do my boob if I have to but there is no way I can touch the armpit scar.