first breast clinic appointment tomorrow.

Hi all,

I have my first appointment tomorrow and i feel calm at the minute but i know it will change by tomorrow.

My breast is an awful shape now and is about two sizes bigger than the other but ive noticed changes in my other breast. Do they check both of your breasts because i would like them to.

My mom is coming with me because my husband is working and i dont think he wanted to come anyway. He is scared but wont admit it and puts his head in the sand.

My daughter is more worried about our holiday at the end of july because we might not be able to go. If i have to start treatment can they work it round my holiday?

Walsall manor is a one stop clinic so im hoping i may find something out tomorrow or may have to wait.

Is anyone else just about to go to the clinic for the first time or if anyone can tell me whats it like and what im about to endure. I would really like someone to reply to but on my last post i couldnt reply it wouldnt let me so im sorry to people that replied to me but i couldnt reply to you!!!.

Love to all
love nicki xxxxxxxxxx

Hi, I had my first trip to the clinic, yesterday. I registered and then went straight for a mammogram followed by a 1/2 hour wait and then my ultrasound. The mammo and US were painful - especially on the affected boob. I then had a physical examination and was given my results. V quick, efficient and everyone incredibly kind. You’ll be treated so well and with care. If you can, try to stay ‘in the moment’. Take a notebook and write everything down or get your mum to do it for you. You’re being incredibly brave and strong at the moment. We’re all rooting for you.