first breast clinic appointment


I went to my docs on Tuesday with my husband due to finding a lump in my breast. For a couple of weeks I thought one of my bra’s had rubbed so made sure I didn’t wear that one anymore but then found the lump. The doctor has reffered me to the breast clinic and says I will get an appointment within 2 weeks. I’m so scared and keep crying which i know is over reacting but every time I think of putting my wonderful children through seeing mummy poorly it breaks me heart. I haven’t got the appointment through yet, the waiting is awfull, and I was wondering how long I will have to wait for any test results after the breast clinic appointment. Thank you all x

Hi Jules,

Sorry to hear of your worry.

When will you get results? I can’t say for certain but you will hopefully know at the appointment. Not having a definite answer is not always the case and further tests don’t always mean the worse.


I know it’s impossible to not worry but remember statistics are in your favour.


All the best. Keep in touch and be gentle to yourself while waiting.

I had my appointment today and I’m so happy to be able to say there is nothing for me to worry about, it is just lumpy breast tissue! I am posting this so when like me new comers scroll through they will be able to see a positive outcome. The worry waiting for the appointment is awfull, but 90% of us will get the happy news I have had today. For those of you who have more battles ahead, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families and I wish you love and hope for all that lies ahead of you xx

So happy for you jules!! We love a happy story here. All the best for the future x x x Ann

That’s great news ?