First breast clinic appt on monday

10 days ago I found a smooth lump in my armpit the size of a small grape. A day later I found a similar lump in the breast on the same side. Since then both lumps have got about 30% bigger and more knobbly and I now have 3 more armpit lumps - 2 pea sized and one size of peanut. They could not see me any sooner and I really am worried it is BC. There is no indication it could be infection or mastitis. Has anyone had these signs and it has turned out to be benign? It has been the longest 10 days! I just want a diagnosis now :frowning:

hi Cathy,
Have you seen your gp about it? If not, then do get an appointment, to get it seen to.
Honestly, most breast symptoms, whatever they are, do NOT turn out to be bc, it is the Least likely reason for your symptoms. The vast majority of women who report your symptoms on here have a benign reason for it.
If you haven’t already, do get it checked out.
ann x

Thanks. Saw gp and I have an appointment on Monday at the breast clinic for scan, mammogram and biopsies if needed. Thanks for your reassurance. X

Wishing you all the best for your appointment tomorrow Cathy, do let us know how you get on.


Donna x

Hi, thanks for the good wishes. Lump shows worrying characteristics so tru cut biopsies of mammary lump and needle aspirates of armpit lump taken. Appointment for follow up not made yet as fully booked for 2 weeks so hoping to get a last minute slot in about a week. Feeling rather numb just now. X

Hi Cathy,

Glad you had your appointment today, it sounds like they were very thorough which is good. Hoping for quick results for you.

Sending you a (gentle) hug,

Donna x



How are you Cathy ? Did you get your results?


love xxx

Just got results. Duct carcinoma that’s spread to at least one lymph node. Waiting for HER typing and a treatment plan. Feels very surreal. Given my notice in at work. Don’t know how this happened!



You’ll be ok Cathy…excellent treatments available and lots of great support here.  


Love and best wishes xxxx

Sorry to hear your news Cathy.


As all the other ladies have said, we are all here to support you. You can dip in & out of the various groups on here, and find helpful advice from those going through the journey with you, and those of us who are out the other side. You will have your treatment plan soon, then you can take it a step at a time.


Love Donna x

Thank you everyone. I am trying hard not to worry about time off work(I’ve been told it will be 9 months minimum!) and the financial strain that will ensue being the biggest earner in the household with just statutory sick pay from my company, side effects of drugs, managing my two little ones aged 6 and 4… but it’s going to be easier when a plan is made and we know what going to happen and when. Crazy days! Still not quite believing this is all happening. X