First Chemo next Monday worried about side effects

Hi Everyone I’m due to start my first Fec on Monday I’m wondering when any side effects may start particularly the tiredness also if I should feel well enough could I be in a crowded place during the first week of Chemo. Feeling Scared

Hi Zelda
Try not to worry, I know easier said than done. Take someone with you for company, support is always good. I had a different drug to you but my side effects kicked in about 4 hours after and I was in bed for at least 3-4 days then after 7 ish days started to improve. Everyone is different though. Personally i don’t make any plans and play it by ear.
Good luck, stay strong xx

Hi Zelda we all react differently so it’s hard to say. Generally fec makes you feel nauseous for 4/5 days and the hospital with provide you with an anti sickness drug . The tiredness builds up as you work through the chemo sessions. Constipation is another usual side effect but again can be easily sorted out. Hope this helps! Good luck