first chemo on 7th may 6 FEC any one else

Hi everyone,

I am due to start my first of 6 FEC cycles on thursday, there is so much to take in,will i be ok to drive home, what is your best piece of advice for my first session and for the first 10 days.

I have read all the literature, have been looking at some of the links for headware.

There is just far to much to take in, i have found the forum Sooooooooo helpful, its wonderful to know that there is so much support here,

I would love peoples advice for my first session and first few days.

Thanks ladies

Sandrae x x

Hi Sandrae,

I’m also having 6 cycles of FEC - I’ll be having my third on Wednesday.

I think it’s best for someone to go with you for your treatment. How you feel just afterwards is different for everyone but it’s possible you might feel a bit sick or whoozie so better not to have to drive if you can avoid it.

My nausea seems to start around 9pm on the first night, so I take the antisickness pills as soon as it starts. Drink plenty of water before, during & after your chemo and eat small light snacks. Also don’t have a big meal after your treatment as this may also make you feel sick, but try to eat something light beforehand.

As for the next few days, just listen to your body - rest when you need to, eat when you’re hungry (Ginger biscuits & lemon and ginger tea are good for settling the stomach), take any meds that you’ve been given & keep an eye on your temperature.

Hope your side effects aren’t too hard on you.

Sending you a hug


Hello Sandrae-I am a whole year ahead of you having just passed the anniversary of starting chemo (6 x FEC). I agree with Leah that you should have someone with you - not just for a bit of moral support but you can feel woozy and driving is not recommended - in fact my chemo unit insisted on having a lift! I found the chemo do-able but took all the meds on offer especially the anti-sickness pills - no-one knows how they are going to cope til you do it but many many of us find it ok. I tried the cold cap to try and save my hair but lost the lot on day 17 after first FEC - are you prepared (scarves/wig) -again not everyone loses their hair but its a possibility. My hair came back really quickly after the last blast and one year on I am really getting back to normal. I managed to keep working but that is a very personal thing and you do what is right for you - if you feel unwell talk to someone and meds can be changed etc. It must feel like a long road ahead but you WILL get through it and come out the other side. My very best wishes, ask away if you have any other queries and I will do my best to help, Lots of love, Debbie x

Hi Sandrae,

I started FEC on 16th, April. My 2nd one is on 12th, May.

Compare to my last chemo, Paclitaxel, I found FEC a lot harder. It made me very ill for about 1 week. I read all the info the nurse gave me, but because I sailed through Paclitaxel without too much side effects, thought I was going to be lucky again!

Felt very light headed and dizzy straight after FEC, but that’s more likely due to the cold cap rather than FEC. Felt a bit sick and had an awful/acid taste in the mouth in the evening. In the next few days, was flooded with one side effect after another, including an infection with high temperature - so to echo Leah’s point, do keep an eye an it! The hair loss hasn’t started yet, hope cold cap will work again (it worked really well when I had Paclitaxel).

Hope all that haven’t scared you. My onc did say I’m very UNLUCKY this time to get the whole package, and has promised to change my anti-sickness tablets. Hope my 2nd one will be easier. As others have said, everyone reacts to chemo differently. So, hope you have an easier time than me.

Take care xx

hi m1yu,

Thank you for your speedy reply,

I hope you have less probs with your next cycle, i should really think myself fortunate, my problems are minor compared to most ladies here.

take care, Sandrae x x


i had my first fec on thursday and am alrightish, have done a thread about it. My advice is to ask to have an anxiety tablet first, lorazepam, as that really really really really helped me through it. My oncologist prescribed it for me before hand. Also, my hospital did a pre chemo visit round the ward which made it easier to prepare mentally for it. Warm clothes too if you are having the cold cap. Its an emotional time as well as physically demanding ( the whooshy feeling is not compatable with driving) so i would try and have someone to sit with you and if thats not possible arrange transport. If you have nobody to give you a lift that day, then i am sure your bcn can arrange for one of the lovely volunteer drivers to help you out.

take care

Thank you ladies,

I honestley thought i would be ok to drive home, obviously not!

My 18 year old daughter offered to come along, i told her, not to worry i would be fine, but she insisted, so have some company and a lift home, which is handy. My OH will be loooking after our twin grandaughters, which, i normally would be doing, while our daughters at work.My OH is self employed so, luckily he can take time of when
needs be.

I really is handy, being able to post a question and getting quick replies, makes things easier to cope with, cos you are not left wondering, and worrying for to long.

Thanks again everyone,

andrae x x

Good luck Andrae,
Just to say I go to my FECs on my own - have done 4 now and don’t feel any side effects until the next day. I normally get home and do mental cleaning and tidying whilst the steroids are kicking in. Then the SEs kick in and I do nothing for quite a few days.
Take things as they come and you’ll find your own solutions and routines to help you.

I have had three of six cycles of FEC now and I though I probably could have driven myself I have used family to transport me to and from treatments. They drive me in but don’t stay as I am using the cold cap so is often quite a few hours. The nurses tell me when the cap is due off and I phone to say when to pick me up. Also avoid any parking charges which is a bonus.
I found that I have felt different after each treatment. The third one I felt nauseous almost straight away so wouldn’t have wanted to dirive but the first two fine so would have been ok. It is the unpredictability that makes it difficult and we are all different.
Good luck with your treatment and I hope the chemo is kind to you.

I also have had 3 of my 6 cycles of FEC now but i have been luckly that i was able to have the tratment at home. Its a trial where I live, so i havent needed any transport. I wouldnt drive if i was having the treatment at the local hospital. I feel washed out after and its nice that someone else wants to go with you and take care of you . A little TLC is always good.
Hope all goes well, drink plenty after.