First chemo treatment out of the way

Hi everyone…

First FEC chemo was Thursday… no problems; hand vein did well… I drank about 10 gallons water… maybe that helped. Came home and was very sleepy which was gr8 cos I had not been sleeping without the aid of a tablet since diagnosed… yesterday started all the anti-nausea/steroid meds and they kept me from getting too nauseous… make me jittery tho, is that normal? I didn’t sleep last night.

Some questions maybe some of u can answer…the chemo nurse went over several dos and don’ts…
try not to get infections/ busy places/ sick visitor, etc
she also said for mouth ulcers and stomach no citrus fruits
pasteurized cheeses all times…no moldy good cheese :slight_smile:
BUT what about yogurts that have bacteria or live culture (whatever it is in the stuff) is that allowable? any other things not to have or what is good to have? thanks in advance for any tips…

so mainly …just tired and no barfing…pretty good, eh?

Oh and I had a chest xray…the dr said after u have xray and chemo come here and I should have them read…
went back and nurse said…he does not need to see you??? does that mean it was clear?

still have not had ct scan…don’t know what they are waiting on because he said I would have one… want to get that out of the way and off my mind as it is in a node that they can feel under my arm which makes me scared…

ok enuf…this is way too much to type…
have a nice weekend and best wishes and hugs

Hi LeeUK

You are welcome to contact the helpline today if you would like to talk through some of your concerns with one of our specialist nurses, it is open until 2pm today and Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Thank you Louise

Hi LeeUK

Sorry you had to join the chemo club - but welcome and well done on your first one!!!
I have my 2nd one this thurs (also on FEC) I have had no side effects except tiredness and bad indegestion about day 5/6 gaviscon helps oh and a dry mouth chilled pineapple helps this one. As for the live bio yoghurt some say no others say its ok!!! check with nurses…
Oh yeh my hair has started thinning yesterday! i am trying not to brush it or wash it or generally mess but it is driving me potty as every timne I run fingers through my hair I end up with a handful of hair… at the mo I am getting away with it as I have had hair bobbed (was really loing b4) and so it is really curly (kate bush style lol)
If you worried about CT scan ask! Same with any results ask…thats one thing I have learnt to do - keep asking questions why, when, how…they do understand…

Have not heard the one about not having citrus fruits!
I hope you continue ti stay well…

Sending cyber hugs & my thoughts
Fellow chemo gal

Hi Mel

Hope you are OK. My hair has started to shed too, started a couple of days ago, but today really bad and starting to worry now about it and how will cope. Am supposed to be getting it cut again today and probably gonna have to go really really short. Horrible isn’t it. Got my 2nd chemo on Wednesday, so day before you.

Hope yours goes well and that neither of us suffer with side effects again.

Hi Lee - hope you are still OK and not having any side effects too from your FEC. Maybe you should push for ct scan if you really want one - it is your life and your body after all. Anyway, take care and let us know how things are going.

Take care


Hope you are still feeling well. I am between 1st and 2nd FEC next due 4th Sept. It is really good to read how other people are coping. I have had a few mouth ulcers, but nothing to terrible, and many hot flushes, which I am getting used to. So far all the side effects have been bearable.
My hair has not started shedding yet, but I am anticipating this will happen soon! (I am dreading that stage).
Good luck Dawn and Mel with your second chemo’s this week.

Hugs to all

Kim x

Hi Kim

Thanks for message. Glad that your side effects have been minimal too - makes it easier to cope with doesn’t it. I have had one ulcer, but got think it was 4 bottles of mouth wash from the hospital which I use 4 times a day.

Yeah hair loss is not good - think I will be emotional wreck in a day or so … but will try to stay as strong as can, but I don’t think anything can prepare us for this. Loads of hair on pillow this morning, not having cut til tomorrow now though.

Ah well. Good luck with your next session on 4th and let us know how you are.

Take care

Hi Girls, thanks for the comments,

I am doing ok…today is 4th day since chemo feel alittle nauseated and tired but no throwing up, which is gr8! I am not sleeping well either but I guess it is just nerves. I wake up all thru the night!

My breast hurts too as the lump is in the nipple and is inflammed. I also think my armpits hurt and my other breast hurts… maybe it is just me dunno. Seems like every other day I do well and then the next day sorta down.

Hope all of you continue doing well with chemo too… I haven’t started shedding hair as yet. I picked up my wigs the other day… they are ok but… never liked wigs much! How does Dolly Parton wear them all the time?

Big hugs to you all!

i’m on day three after 1st FEC. 2 more FEC and then Taxotere. I haven’t felt too bad although wierd signs that immunity isn’t quite kicking in (thrush, bruises not going away, etc). but the steroids seem to have worked for me, i haven’t felt too bad and i’ve even got some sleep. its my last day of them today though and am feeling nervous about being without them.
interesting about the citrus fruit…there was very little dietary advice given at the clinic i went to…
and the cold cap stuff seems to be done so differently in different places. i only had my on fifteen minutes before treatment and 20 minutes afterwards…i wanted to think this was ‘lessons learned’ by an experienced team but maybe its because they were v.v.busy!! anyway, i’m expecting it all to go and contemplating what colour wig and so on…shattered to learn that dolly’s divine locks are false!
its great to go through this with others!
chins up and heads held high…even if they are bald…

Hi Lee,

welcome to the ‘chemo caners club’! You’re a big girl now!!! LOL! It’s such a relief when you get the first one out of the way isn’t it? Thats one down now, hurrahh!!!

I’m pleased to hear that you’re not feeling too bad at all, I hope your side effects continue to remain almost non-existent.

Re: things not to have/or to have. When I first started chemo I read on here that you should avoid BBQ food, as it in not cooked at a constant temperature, and also shellfish. I am not sure whether anyone else has heard this? I have avoided them anyway, just in case!

Take care and I hope the rest of your treatment goes well,


I was told not to eat any kind of takeaway food - i.e Chinese or Indidan due to you not knowing how its been cooked and the bacteria levels etc. Considering I am a Indian food lover I have had to just one as my treat to make me feel a bit better! I had it though before the 7 - 10 day period where your immune system is low…which I figured was ok!..ah what the hell am i talking about, i craved it so badly i just went out and bloody had one! LOL


well, I guess the food guidelines are given because during chemo we are so much more in danger of infection, as our blood count is down. So it goes that anything undercooked is more dangerous!!!

Poultry should be carefully handled - salmonellas could be deadly. Eggs should be extra fresh, and cooked (but I cannot do away with my favourite soft boiled in the morning).
Indian or chinese should be fully OK if eaten at a reputable restaurant… you guys in UK are lucky, you have such great exotic foods!!! I am in Switzerland, and while hygienic issues are quite well taken care of, the taste is not the same…

on the item of hair-loss, I have been really having a ball shopping for wigs on e-bay… there are so many styles, I ordered a black one and a blonde one to have some fun with… my hair is still on, but now I have something to look forward to. I’ll change hair-do daily!!!

noticed the remark about no takeaways - boy I have been a naughty girl. I have had lots of takeaways as too lazy to cook. No one mentioned it to me- does make sense and to be honest we only eat from decent places but it makes sense to be careful I stay away from crowds in the middle week when my immunity is likely to be low.
My hair is pretty much gone - chemo 3 on Friday. I don’t know that you get used to it. Just cope. My wig is good and whilst I hate it, it has become my little friend helping me through this tough time.

Good luck all


Hi everyone

With regard to food they told me to take same precautions as if I were pregnant, soft cheese, bacteria etc. Shellfish was one of the things I could manage to eat. Scampi with lashings of tartare sauce, crispy prawns with sweet chilli dip, prawn toast. Without these I would have been on toast, cheese on toast , toasted currant teacakes, crumpets and scotch pancakes as everything else seemed to turn my stomach.

Take care

Marilyn X

Had my first chemo yesterday and guess what - I was ok!! Well really bad nausea and a restless night but other than that fine so feeling ok at the moment. I asked about live yoghurt and was told not in the middle week when immune system is low! Didn’t know about take away food though! Oh well more cooking for the other half!!

glad to hear that others are going strong (or something that like that!). I’ve been OK. Struck down with herpes though - what a drag. Its not a problem at all usually and I just use a cream. But with immune responses being not what they could be the doctor has put me on massive doses (really horrible) of aciclover tablets and they are making me spacey and wierd. I suppose it could be just the chemo that is making me feel that way but I think its the herpes drugs…god, our poor bodies! Toasted currant teacakes sound wonderful by the way - think i’ll go and find some.

Wierd about the yogurt thing. Here (Switzerland) they actually suggested it as I have a tummy weakness and of course this b***** treatment makes it worse… go figure. IMHO, most docs don’t have a clue about what to suggest to feel better…

Hi everyone… thanks for all the tips. I am not eating eggs or yogurt just to be on the safe side. I did crave me breakfast this morning. I am eating oatmeal almost everyday! hey I heard that deli meats are not good to buy… so we baked a ham…now u know that tastes better anywho!!!

Ok I am 10 days after first chemo and feel so much better this 2nd week. I am not going out much this week and staying away from crowds too.

OHHHH by the way… I got up a couple days ago off the couch and my back…lower to the right…sorta where that butt dimple is… hurt like crazy…and ached for 3 days… especially early morning… of course I thought the worse…but did I read somewhere u get aches and pains on chemo? It isnt hurting now but I can tell u every little ache somewhere in my body I freak out…

Keep in touch girls… it’s nice to talk with everyone and hear what they have heard!

Big hugs to u all,

I find I have sleeping problems (usually getting to sleep) until a couple of nights after the steroids finish.


I didn’t sleep well at all the first week either.