First chemo treatment

Hello,I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August,grade 2 invasive,had operation to remove the growth and then was told I had a vascular invasion which would require chemo and then radiotherapy,all the way along I have felt that it was someone else that had this illness,until yesterday when I had my first of 6 FOC sessions,reality hit home when I was sat having the chemo that it was me.Today I have been very sick and feeling rather sorry for myself,getting my head around taking the medication is another thing!!. Anyone else just started and feeling the same ? Xx

Welcome to our very select club Loveandlight! This site has been so amazingly helpful for so many of us. My chemo is now a memory as I finished in July, but there are others like you who are just starting out. Go to chemo monthly threads and look under October Optimists and November Newbies. You’ll find new friends who will support and encourage you as much as the May Moonbeams helped me through.


It’s not very nice, but you can get through this. Go find your new buddies!


Jane x

Dear Loveandlight

Welcome to the BCC forum where I’m sure you will find a lot of support from fellow members.  As Janey mentioned you may find it helpful to join one of the monthly threads- I have attached the links.

As well as the support you will find on these forums you might also find it helps to talk things over with one of our helpliners.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


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I was diagnosed in December 2012, had my surgery, finished chemo in July, and then had radiotherapy which finished 4 weeks ago. I STILL feel like it is happeneing to someone else! I doubt that feeling will ever go now. I am floating in a little bubble over all of this, but please believe me all the nasty stuff is very temporary, and although you won’t believe me, it all passes very quickly. Chemo isn’t pleasant, but it is do-able and will come to an end. I joined the February Valentines group, and between us we pulled each other through and made long lasting friendships that now continue on Facebook. So I urge you to join the relevant Monthly Thread, and also to read back at some of the earlier monthly threads where you will pick up tips and advice.


Good luck, xxx

Hello loveandlight. I’m new to this forum. I was diagnosed stage 2 hormone receptive in August. I have had a lumpectomy in my left breast and 9 lymph nodes removed there was cancer in 4. Had opp 12th September. I start 18 weeks chemo on 11th November. Radiotherapy to follow. Then 5 years of tablets. I’m really scared of chemo and I still feel like if I just ignore it it’s not that bad. My defence mechanism I think. Really not looking forward to chemo side effects. Hope I can still look after my 3 children. When chemo starts and I feel ill and lose my hair it will really hit me bad. Hope u feel better soon

Thank you all for your replies,I am now going to try and get on the links for the November newbies etc,I am not that brill with the Internet!! Xx

I started fec on 30th November, I too felt sick but wasn’t, had constant heartburn, a slimy taste in my mouth and very tired, felt like a mix of bad hangover and pregnancy sickness. One week on I feel much better, my lower back and legs feel achy and weak. I hope your taking all your meds they really do help xx
Love Sara x