First course of chemo round the corner


I’m feeling abit sorry for myself, hope don’t mind the winge.

I’ve just come home from a 4 week stay in hospital. Ihad not been eating, was very sick which has all resulted in an op. Surgeon attached part of small intestine to stomach as my stomach had a blockage and was not emptying. A week after this still feeling very sore. Also onc informed blockage caused by peretineal mtes so now need my very first course of chemo. Can’t remember name but began with E. Anyone know what it is and how did their treatment go?

Has anyone had this op and how did their recovery go?

Take care all xxx

Hi Lynni

Sorry to hear you’ve been so unwell and that you’ve got to have chemo. Can’t help with either of your specific queries, but wanted to send you my best wishes, hope the chemo is relatively gentle and that you recover from the op so that you can start eating again.

Take care.
Alison x

hi Lynni,sorry to hear about what you are having to go through. i started off with Epirubicin, is that what you are going to have? If it is, i found it was very doable, they give you antisickness tablets and i just needed to rest when i felt i needed it.
best wishes and i hope it goes well for you
take care

Hi Lynni
No wonder you are feeling rotten. I had chemo last year when I was dx with bone mets, I had not had it with my primary dx. I was on FEC of which the ‘E’ is Epirubicin. As Anna says it is do-able and anti sickness definitely helped. I found I felt rough for about 5-6 days but never physically sick. After that I was amazed how I perked up and also managed to work on these ‘good’ days. You will lose your hair so it may be worth checking out headcovers/wigs etc although I found mine fell out just before the 2nd dose rather than straight away. I tried the coldcap but, where it didn’t fit tightly enough, I still lost some hair. I gave up with it after the 1st dose. I had 6 treatments spaced 3 weeks apart. My white blood count, especially neutrophils, dropped too low on a couple of occasions so I had to have injections to boost them. I can’t help with the operation information but wish you all the best with this and the chemo. Please feel free to ask me any questions and keep us posted about how you get on.
Nicky x

Hi Lynni

Sorry to hear you’ve had such a rotten time and are still feeling unwell.

Just wanted to send you my best wishes. I suppose I must have had the ‘E’ bit, too, as I had FEC a few years ago.

Nicky’s experience of FEC sounds similar to mine.

Take care - will be thinking of you.




Thanks for the replies.

That is the chemo I’m going on, but will be given it weekly not 3-weekly. Apparently it will not be as harsh and I may not loose my hair. Onc thought better this way as I am so weak.

Mind you saying that I haven’t halfed picked up today and feeling alot brighter. Starting to eat more whicj is good.

How are you doing Alsion after your hip replacement, hope everything okay. Once again thanks everyone for replies.

Take care x

Hi Lynni

I am so so sorry to hear your news, this illness is just the pits at times.

Fingers crossed that the chemo gets to work very quick. I think I had Epirubicin when I had primary cancer back in 2003. Although I felt slightly ropey at times I tolerated it very well.

When are you starting chemo? And are you at the Wansbeck? If you are up to a coffee and a chat just give me a text, would be more than happy to pop over to see you if and when you feel up to it.

You take good care of yourself
Sending you big hugs
Paula XXX

Hi Lynni

Hip op was now six months ago! Can’t believe how quickly the time flies (quite frightening really). I’m still quite stiff and inflexible, ie can’t touch my toes on that foot, or put a sock on without a gadget, but I also had a trapped/damaged nerve which recently ‘unstuck’ itself and so I do feel as if I’m on the mend and hopefully will be able to touch my toes one of these days.

Other than that I’m currently really well, and planning daughter’s third birthday party which is looming.

I do hope you tolerate the chemo ok, especially if it’s weekly, but I know you’ll be feeling pretty miserable about the prospect of losing your hair. When I had chemo (Taxotere) this time last year I used the cold cap and it really worked for me, even though on treatment day itself it was by far the worst aspect of treatment! But I did feel it was worth it to not lose my hair, so if you think that’s an option for you then do consider it. I’ll be happy to share my experience with you if you decide to go for it.

Thinking of you. Big hug.

Alison xx