First CT Scan Since Treatment Started

Hi All,

Its mum’s first CT scan tomorrow since the new treatment started 9 weeks ago I assuming to see the developments of whats been going on. I’m really scared and got this sick feeling inside me at the moment. Is this normal? I’ve cried alot recently and not quite sure why because mum so far is doing well. The hospital mentioned that if the CT Scan shows stable its not a bad thing it good that it has not got worse. There has been some signs in her bloods that lover function keeps going up and down think thats why im panicing

Any advice? Both my dad and me are going with her tomorrow

Love to all x x x

Fully understand how you feel - and I know other posters have commented on this before so you are in good company about the emotions they cause. The tension of scans is massive - I “cope” beforehand but break down after the news now matter how good or bad it is but then that’s “my way”; I cope and then “go under”. I act all calm at the scan and joke with staff etc - but it’s all an act… I think it shows how worried you are about your Mum and she seems so lucky to have you and your Dad supporting her. Once you know the results hopefully you will get confidence in any treatments that are needed. Hoping for the best for you all