First day back to work

Hi Ladies

Had my first day back at work today and now I am exhausted!! I do have a very physical job so its to be expected I suppose but I just ache all over! Hope this improves x

It’s a shock to the system physically and mentally going back to work after going through cancer treatment .I think it took me several months to get anywhere near normal but I did improve gradually each week ,my job is more mentally than physically demanding though.Do you have the possibility of building up your hours over a few weeks ?

Thanks Ladies

Yes, only doing Friday afternoons!! I knew it would be a struggle but disappointed that it took all weekend to recover. Questioning whether this is still the right job for me now or whether I should find something less strenuous. I know its still early days though. Xx

Hi Aine,I am a social worker and I found it really hard going back to work and in the big scheme of things my treatment was pretty straight forward .Its not just the treatment it’s the mental impact of having cancer that takes its toll.I had quite a lengthy phased return negotiated by Occy health which was reevaluated after 2 months and I was very glad of that .Test the water very slowly and carefully ,it is nice to get back to the "non cancer world ",but you will find that colleagues very quickly forget what you have been though and expect you to be back to normal .Get an appt with Occy health and agree a very gradual return and then reduced hours /duties for as long as possible .Good luck .Jill.

That’s a shame you didn’t get the level of support I did Janey from Occy health .You really need to be on top form to do our job ,can’t really say sorry can’t deal with your crisis today I’m not feeling quite up to it as I’ve had cancer (although have felt like saying that on occasions !!).

The new OccHealth provider had a telling off from HR and I had a very apologetic letter. Luckily my team has made up in brilliance for them - at least while I regain my tolerance!!

That’s good that your team have been so supportive and that Occy health got a telling off !!!