First FEC yesterday.

Was at the hosptil for 9 hours!!! On my own with no money!!! Great start to the first one eh.
Had to wait 2 hours after my bloods till 11.00 appoint was 9.15 and got there at 8.30 to get bloods done early

The nurse blew a vein at first (the vein i recommended as usually a good one or it was last time I had chemo!!!) but then she got it right. Iwas on saline drip till about quarter past 1. Had cold cap fitted and for the first half an hour was really going to give up. instand head ache. Too cold, heavy and hurt under my chin where the strap was. Was given chemo drugs no problems. Had to keep the cold cap on for another 2 hours but by this stage it had become bearable so I put up with it. Took it off and went home. So left home at 7.55 in the morning and walked back in the house at 5.15.

Went back to work today all day and managed okay. Going to work as much as I can as I don’t get sick pay.

Feel okay, no sickness at all. No constipation yet (which I did have last time). No aches or pains, no tired. Just a horrid taste in my mouth which feels like I have forgotten to brush my teeth. How long does this last and what helps it to go. Next FEC chemo Tuesday after Easter as they are closed Easter Monday.

So so far so good. But I wasn’t really that ill when i had chemo 6 years ago.

So 1 down 5 more to go. Not that i am counting or anything.

Just thought I would share with you.

Well done as you say 1 down, 5 to go.
I had FEC 3years ago now and every time, it was my taste that was odd straight away. I’ve had other chemos since and had odd tastes and ulcers but never on the first day.
My days can be as long as yours but that is due often to a shortage of pharmacy staff and nurses.
Is there anyway you can have your blood taken the day before. I do that and it does speed it up.
How horrible to have the first vein go - presumably that was before the actual chemo went in.
I never managed to work for the first 5 days after FEC but got sick pay so hopefully you will br OK to carry on working as normal.
I really don’t understand our sickpay laws - it seems so unfair when you are genuinely poorly and not being paid. Does your manager have any discretion over this? Mine sort of hid me - ‘working at home’ so that I could stay on full sick pay but I’ve been extremely lucky.
I think it is the anti-sickness tablets that make me constipated. FEC or the anti sickness pills always did that to me for the first 4 days and then would have rampant diarhoea for 24hrs. Strahge how it effects us in all different ways.
Hope you get on OK and it does the trick for you and you continue to be well enough to work but do take it easy.
Hope the next chemo day is shorter - i just write the day off now but it makes me cross to lose a whole day.
All the best

Hi Mandy - What a gruelling day for you, poor you. But as you say, one down, which is fantastic. As Kate says, it is good that you felt up to work, but do hope that you don’t feel you “have” to go if you find the coming days a bit tougher (with my FEC the first 48 hrs were fine with the steroids and anti-emetics, but then a couple tougher days after that). Anyway, best of luck for the rest of your treatment, and to you as well Kate. Sarah x

Day two today. Still have funny taste in my mouth. Horrid Heartburn. And sore eyes. My eyes feel very tired, but tried to have a sleep after work and couldn’t get to sleep. Went out to the pub quiz. Which we won by the way £155 and a couple of glasses of wine and feel fine now. Wine is the answer!!!

Hi all. - I had my first FEC on Tuesday, luckily my husbands firm has private health cover and I can have this done at home which is absolutely fab, the nurse came at 3pm and as I had had the bloods done earlier we were able to get straight on with it after initial paperwork completed. My daughter had taken the day off to be with me and was a great help and support, but even she cringed at the cold caps - which I have decided not to continue with as the pain and discomfort for me is not worth it!! All finished by 6pm followed by an injection today. I’ve been really headachy and tired all day and seriously light sensitive, had to keep blinds partially closed all day. I work in a GP surgery and they have told me that they do not expect me back in until finished chemo, luckily full pay for 3 months then half for 3 months each fiscal year so start afresh in April luckily as having mastectomy afterwards. Don’t feel sick, have a bit of indigestion which is helping diet and as it is 4am I guess I can say not sleeping well. Anyway good luck to all and I agree with the countdown of 1 down only 5 to go!!!


HI Mandy and Maureen. Sorry you are both awake in the middle of the night - I’m writing this in Australia, so quite a civilized time for me! But congratulations for getting through the first chemo - that is a big hurdle out of the way. After my FEC (have now graduated to Taxotere!!), day 2 was not too bad - still on the steroids, 4 and 5 about the toughest, but then a good two weeks after that. Do hope it will be the same for you. Very best of luck. Wine sounds great - I seem to have gone off it for now which is something of a blow!!! Sarah xx