First lot of chemo tablets didnt work?

Hi, i was first dxx a year ago march with stage 3 BC with lympth involment was given the all clear but the following feb 2016 my world turned upside down and was told the cancer had returned in my spine and neck. i started chemo tablets (cant remember the name i take so many) which i thought was working but in my first 3 month scan it showed the cancer had moved to my nerve endings and there is also a suspicious shadown on my liver. I just wanted to see if there is anyone else who has had this issue before? i thought that the best tablets for me would be the first lot of tablets my onc would put me on, so i am petrified that the new tablets i am currently on wont work. can anyone help or share their stories please?

I think the chemo tablet you must b taking is capecitabine and so firstly …I have no experience of them !
If you check what tablets u r taking …go to the capecitabine thread as there are ladies there that will know all there is to know with their experiences.
You will be warmly welcomed and get to become part of their family too.
Carolyn xx

hi fizzypop,

I have been on capecitibine twice. When i was first diagnosed with skin mets i had a combination of docetaxol and cape then 4 cycles of cape on its own. I was then told i was in remission and i begged to stay on the cape. Many people on here have been on it indefinitely but my onc said no. Two weeks later i had frther spread so dont really know whether the cape was working or not. I then had several other treatments and eventually i was put back on to cape but it didnt work for very long. As i said, many people remain stable on it for a long time bugt if not there are other things to go at, especially if you are er+. I started out as this but i mutated to tripke negative so my options are more limited. As Carolyn said, you will find lots of info on the cape thread. I usually use the skin mets thread although i now also have pleural and bone mets i sometimes post on the bones thread) so [lease feel free to ask me anything you like if you think i can be of help.

Best wishes.x