First Mammogram after treatment finished

I’ve got my first mammogram on Wednesday. Be quicker this time as only one to do… Not really worried but then I’m told it will take 3 weeks for a result… Cant believe it as when I went down there a year ago with my lump they checked my mammogram and ultrasound there and then… So why on earth have I got to wait 21 days? Going on holiday for 14 days of that so will get results on return… Exactly the same as last year but obviously the news was bad on my return to the UK. So I have this black cloud once again over me while on holiday. Why is it so unfair… Thought I should postphone mammo but then it’s just delaying it all and I just want to have that all clear from it.
Vanessa xx

I had to have my first post treatment mammo on New Year’s Eve - didn’t exactly feel like celebrating after that. It should have been October, but there was so much pressure on the clinic that the Consultant Surgeons shunted back the ladies they were not expecting to have problems. I got the results on January 10th, normally you see a breast surgeon 10 days later (although it might not be the one who did your op). I was told in January that they have got everything organised so that all ladies will have their mammo done every 12 months without fail; they advertised for another surgeon recently and they have also taken a breast nurse manager on.

I had my mammo, sat in line with the other over 50 year olds, I’m 38!!!
My boob is really sore and nipple really itchy after the squeeze, just waiting now. AGAIN. Stirs up all the old feelings and thoughts… Still think it’s so unfair I have to wait…