First Oncologist Appointment!!

Hello there…I’m new to this site so bare with me! I had a lumpectomy and lymph node removal on 27 June. Lymph node clear and clear margins on lumpectomy but because I was Stage 3 Oncotype Dx test sent away coming back at 27. Oncologist and Consultant have decided it’s best for me to have chemo and radio. Have my first meeting with Oncologist on 14 September…what will happen at this appointment and how soon after will my treatment start? Have booked a holiday for 18 Sept as working on assumption it’s better to go before I start treatment and need to get away!!!  Me and my husband run a village pub so not sure how I’m gonna cope with doing that once treatment starts ? 

 Good morning,

 I can only tell you what happened to me.

At my appointment I was told what drug regime I would be on, I was given leaflets & told to look on Macmillans website as they have an a-z list of chemo & their side effects.

i signed a consent form, a couple of days later I had a port put in and a week after initial appointment, chemo started.


I would consider your timeline you had your op in June & chemo is due to start in Sept almost. 3 month wait, I had my op in the August & started chemo in Sept.


i was desperate to start treatment as I was scared of spread so I would have cancelled a holiday but I know of others that delayed treatment & went.


this is something you should discuss at your appointment, personally I’d postpone the holiday, it’ll be something to look forward to.


best of luck x

Hi Karana, I think we’ve a similar diagnosis. My onc dx score was 27 as well. Grade 3. My first meeting I was examined by onc to see if my body would cope with chemo, signed consent forms and was told of side effects - they scared me as its a long list! But I got through chemo with v. little SEs and worked throughout treatment (from home).
Your diagnosis will determine what regime you get. I was on 6x FEC. The main thing for me was to take into account the times when your immune system is low and not to put yourself at risk of infections during these times.
I had 1st onc appt 18th April and started chemo 3rd May which was 2 months after lumpectomy. I had chemo pre assessment and 1st chemo on same day. I didnt have picc line or port, just had cannula inserted at each chemo treatment.
Each hospital is different on how they work so it’s difficult to say what they have in mind for you. You could always phone up onc dept beforehand and see if they have pencilled in dates for you, that way you know if your holiday will be affected.

Hi Karana
I was told that there is a 12 week window between surgery and chemo. So then I think you won’t be able to manage that holiday. Like Busybee said, give them a call as I’m sure they will have some idea.
Sue xx