First Post - 28 yrs Old, IDC grade 2. Exercise after surgery...?

Hello All,

I have been following the forum since being diagnosed with IDC on 25th October. My story began at the beginning of October when I felt a small lump under my left nipple, I knew something was not quite right, especially when I noticed a bloody discharge when squeezed. I booked an appointment with my GP a couple of days later who didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong and said ‘you are only 28 you have nothing to worry about’. If only those words were true, he referred me to the breast clinic at my local hospital following my concerns. I was seen 2 weeks later and received an ultrasound and biopsy. I then returned for my results two weeks later to be told that it was a cancerous lump. My mum who was with me that day cried her eyes out, I tried to remain strong and my first instinct was that I am a fighter and I will be okay, although the inevitable ‘why me’ and ‘will I be able to have children’ thoughts filled me head. I got home that Friday and headed to my spin class at the gym, it was the best thing for me at the time.

Since my diagnosis I have had a mammogram, blood test, MRI and chest X-ray to check for secondaries, which I understand is slightly more common with younger breast cancer victims. All of which have come back clear so far. I had my WLE op and SNB on the 20th and am recovering okay and only needed painkillers for the first 2 days. Although the general anaesthetic seemed to knock me out for a full 3 days!.

I am now awaiting the results of these to discuss next steps, my consultant hinted towards radiotherapy and tamoxifen (being ER positive) I know that this does depend on the surgery results so I know chemo isn’t out of the question.

Thanks for all of your support and inspirational stories, although I am trying to be strong, there are still some dark days and this forum is getting me through them.

I would like to ask if anyone how quickly anyone has resumed routine exercise. I am a keen gym goer - and prior to surgery was going 4/5 times a week. I am doing the arm exercises that my nurse advised and went for a long walk this morning but would like to resume some level of my previous activity. I am also worried that strenuous activity will affect the healing process, especially to my snb wound. Any thoughts ladies?



I also had wle and snb and am a regular gym goer. I think you just have to try it but take it gently. I went back to the gym after about a week. I did the step machine and most of my usual leg work. With the upper body machines I took a bit longer and started back with much lighter weights and gradually built up. I had my op 2nd September and I would say I git back to my normal routine with full weights about 2 weeks ago, but I am much older than you!


Your body will tell you if you try too much.


Take care



Hi Fran, sorry to hear you’re on this roller coaster ride too, especially as you’re so young. Just be gentle on yourself and don’t rush things. Your body will tell you when it feels ready. I love swimming and am also keen to know when I can get back to it after my WLE this Friday, but will play it by ear and see how I feel. Good luck with your treatment! xxx

Thanks Mary - that sounds encouraging. Yes I am imagining upper body exercises will be more challenging but hopefully I can manage some leg exercises and others which won’t impact on my arm too much. Exercise de-stresses me which I very much need at the moment. Also trying to be as healthy as I can at the moment- not that I’m sure makes much difference at present but worth trying I guess!

Thanks Minig - As much as none of us chose this ‘club’, definitely feels better to be able to speak to others going through the same. Good luck with your WLE, I definitely feel better since mine, knowing treatment has started in some way and that (hopefully) the tumour is out. I expected to be in a lot of pain afterwards but really wasn’t at all. Let me know how you get on xxx

Hi Fran and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you have here please feel free to call our helpliners for some practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays and our team are here to help you through this

The following links to the BCC ‘Younger women’s’ information and support and the ‘Exercise after breast surgery’ DVD/booklet may be helpful to you over the coming months:

Take care

Lucy BCC

Hi Fran85,

I am a newly diagnosed 30 year old with invasive ductal carcinoma. I have had a WLE and SNB op on Dec 5th and will receive my results on Tuesday. I am curious to hear whether you have received your results and what type of treatment was suggested for you. I too found my lump on my own and was still completely shocked when told it was cancer.

Hello hopeful123,

Sorry it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted on here. I have been meaning to update here for a while!

So since my last post, my results came back clear for my lymph nodes from my SNB but I had to go back for surgery for a second WLE last month as they only achieved a 1mm clear margin around my tumour and the target is 2mm. Thankfully the second WLE has since come back clear and nothing sinister was found.

Because of the need to do a second WLE my treatment plan has been delayed and I finally go and see the oncologist on the 15th. Just under 3 months following my initial diagnosis!

I do know a bit more about the tumour however, I have been told it was 2.5cm tumour grade 2 and stage 2 ER positive. My surgeon said the usual treatment plan is radiotherapy followed by tamoxifen but he believes that because I am young they will discuss the benefit of me having chemo added too as a bolt and braces approach. They did say that this will likely be a choice for me to make and that they will test me to help me decide. I have since learnt about the oncotype test but not sure if this is what I will be offered. I personally will want to really see the benefit to be quite high for me to undertake chemo but I’ll hear what they have to say first.

Over the last couple of months, I have tried to go on as normal if I can and returned to work as soon as I was able too. I recovered fairly quickly from both surgeries and apart from a small seroma I was able to regain strength. Although all the waiting at each stage is hard and of course the emotional rollercoaster. Definitely didn’t know how strong I was until the last 3 months!

Good luck for your results on Tuesday and I will let you know how I get on next Wednesday too!.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

We’ll get through this together!!

Lots of love xxx

Hi Hopeful123,

Just wanted to wish you good luck for your results tomorrow. We’ll get through this!.

I’ll let you know how I get on with oncologist too.

Speak soon xxx

Thank you so much Fran!! I’ll let you know how it goes!!!

Hi everyone,


I received some great results yesterday.  It was confirmed that I have invasive ductal carcinoma, grade 3.  My tumor was 1.8 cm. Six lymph nodes were removed and they all were clean.  I have 4 mil of clean margins.  My tumor was both ER and PR positive and negative for her.  I am extremely happy!!!


I see a radiologist on Monday and a medical oncologist the following Thursday.  I will know more about what they are thinking for treatment once I have those appointments!