First posting - undergoing treatment - Surrey by Wendylulu

First posting - undergoing treatment - Surrey by Wendylulu

First posting - undergoing treatment - Surrey by Wendylulu I have started a new thread on behalf of Wendylulu

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Hi everyone

This is my first post; I have been regularly reading the posts on the forums and it’s been really helpful in understanding where I am going.

I was diagnosed with oestrogen + BC this March. I’m 44 and really fit and healthy. Work (very) full time in property and also have teenagers both doing exams. I have a hectic life and frankly don’t have time to be ill!!

At the moment I am half-way through 8 courses of chemo. Just finished Taxol and about to start AC. Had sentinel lymph node removed and luckily it was clear and looks like it’s just the lump in the left breast to deal with. Aiming to shrink the lump so surgery at the end of chemo won’t be too drastic. The “alien” is reducing extremely slowly though, although I’m assured that the AC will move it faster in the right direction!

Have good and bad days; I am very body consious and love to sunbathe topless. I am dreadfully upset at the thought of losing a breast, or having most of it removed. I would like to have immediate reconstruction, or at least have the other boob re-sized/shaped in line with the affected one, but will have to see how the lump shrinks and as I am having rads I may not be able to have reconstruction immediately.

I have continued to work as much as possible although my job can be very demanding and I work long hours. It does take my mind off everything I suppose. Once I get my wig and “face” on and get into my business suit I feel normal and more in control. Does anyone else relate to that?

My philosophy is that if you look as good as possible on the outside, it it can help you to feel better on the inside; although appreciating that there will be days when it is an effort merely to get up, let alone get dressed!!

Would love to hear from others and get along to some meetings too. Am being treated at the Marsden, - Sutton & Fulham and am lucky enough to have Mr Gui as my surgeon. He did a very neat job on my node, so I hope he will make a nice job of my boob in September - fingers crossed.

Love to everyone else fighting BC out there.

Wendy (aka Barbie)

HI Wendy

Yes, I had my ‘face’ on the day after my op - I think a bit of lippy really makes you feel like you’re in command of the situation sometimes !!!

I’ve heard Mr Gui is a wonderful surgeon, he is extremely renowned.

Good luck, and I’m sure the AC will make a difference to that horrid ‘alien’ !!


Hi Fushia Interesting, reading your profile, that you too did not think for a minute that you had anything other than a cyst. I just could not believe it and for ages thought they must have got it wrong!! However, my Mum had BC aged 57 and there appears to be a bit of history in our family on Mum’s side, although I am the youngest to get it.

How are you doing with the chemo? I am coping reasonably well I suppose. I have a few bad nauseous days and then gradually get back to me again. First AC is a week Monday and will be every 2 weeks rather than 3. I do hope, as you said, that the AC works on the “alien”. Hope the side effects are no worse; I have heard they are less so am optimistic.

Have you lost your hair yet? Most of mine came out three weeks after first chemo so my husband shaved it all off for me. I keep it as smooth as possible and am gradually gaining confidence in “going commando” (only on dog walks and that type of thing). Otherwise I have 3 wigs, all for different occasions. The first time I walked into work with a wig on I felt so self-conscious but now I don’t even think about it! My husband loves it as he never knows who I will be - Cindy, Raquel, Barbie or “Elf”!!! I have to find some humour through all this!

I tend to worry over things and get terribly upset at the thought of what is to come, but then when it actually happens it often is not so bad. The thought of losing my mane of highlighted hair was horrendous, but now I have got over the shock of seeing myself as a “smoothie” and am the envy of many friends who are still spending hours with a hairdryer and straighteners before going out, only to get it all ruined in the rain!!

I am getting very, very nervous of my operation and how extensive it will be. How about you, and anyone else out there? As a keen topless sun-bather and I love to wear tops that show a bit of cleavage sometimes, I am worried how I will adjust if the surgery is drastic. I am not keen on some of the reconstruction techniques; but, anyway, I’ll have to wait and see how the next batch of chemo goes and my consultation with Mr Gui mid July to discuss the operation. How drastic is/was your surgery? And how are you coping through chemo? Are you working?

Thanks for the reply Fushia and good luck to you too!