First round of Fec-t x3 then 3xTax bad vomiting

Had my first round of Fec-t 3 days ago, I wad told I was given enough anti sickness drugs I wouldn’t feel too bad first one! I barely got in the door when violent vomiting started to the point I couldn’t breath I ended up back in hospital that night driving an hour back to hospital wasn’t what I needed, another 3 injections and tro sets of tablets to stop it I got in the door and projectile vomiting again!! I’m day 3 feel rough as he’ll nit been able to get up! I’m a strong fit woman I’ve sailed through none stop ops and IVF since 28th Feb till now! I’ve not had time to stop! I thought I was prepared for chemo but realised I wasn’t! I’m now so scared about round two they said what happened to me isn’t common?? Anyone else had this is to? Do they get it under control round two, at this moment I can’t feel mentally strong enough its he’ll and it’s only 1 of 6…I’m so scared!!

not surprised you’re scared. And don’t get up if you don’t have to, your body will be weak from being sick as well as from the FEC.

On a practical note, you should have an appt with your onc before FEC 2. Make sure you tell the onc exactly what happened - don’t assume it will be in your notes, or that they will have read them. I started having my anti-sickness meds and steroids intravenously, just before they started putting the FEC poisons in. then taking the rest after I went home. I found it a lot better that way. But I wasn’t anyway near as bad as you sound. Your body is clearly objecting in the strongest way possible to being poisoned. Talk to the onc, they may be able to do something differently.

I saw my oncologist that night when I was taken back in he was very upset that I was so sick! They had given me this new wonder drug in my iv that was for antisickness plus my tablets but obviously it wasn’t enough I was the same with my general anaesthetics very very sick! But that was sickness on a scale I’ve never had it was horrific to the point I couldn’t breath!! I hope it won’t be like this the next time they might have to take me by force! The more I read the forums the more I’m scared of what’s to come if I’m the sensitive type hearing what everyone goes through I just want by doc to give give me everything without waiting to see what happens first!! Is it just going to get worse is the Fec-t the ease part or is the 3 x tax gonna be hell! The knowing that your gonna be ill for the next 4 months is hard to get my head around especially when the first one has hit me so bad I am terrified!

Hi Linzmm78,

I can just imagine what you are going through. My heart goes to you… I had a very bad experience with fec the first time too. fec 2 was better but I know that I stil need a top up of the anti emetics. for me its the first day that is the worst. Ok so far what helped;

-I get given steroids and an antiemetic i.v. before the fec is given
-start taking the antiemetic tablets early in the morning of the fec few hours before you get to hospital.
-I have ondansetron, domperidone suppositories, emend, dexamethasone, cyclizine tablets for anti sickness.
-once the vomiting start cyclizine injections help.
-my BCN nurse recommended that I get cyclizine in s.c. form & inject it about an hr before the appearance of the usual symptoms which I am going to do from now on as there`s no way I want to go thru that again. Interestingly episodes start usually around 6 for me . so I know 5pm cyclizine injection will be my life safer!

Everyone is different so you may need something different. but I take all the above the first 3 days of fec and that helps. after that I gradually phase them out as I dont like their side effects. I can tolerate a bit of nausea as long as I dont get sick. I am so looking forward to finishing all this. I found fec2 very demolarising mainly due to sickness.

Also try to get plenty of fluids in your system, eat little simple food and frequently. I usually survive on apples and cucumbers during the first few days!:slight_smile: also watch out for constipation. make sure you get some kind of fibre supplement, etc like fibrogel from your GP. prevention is best;0

Hope this helps and I hope you are feeling better.


Sorry you are having such a rough time. I hope they manage to improve things for you for Fec 2 and 3. Many people who have been very sick with Fec have recommended that you ask for Emend - very expensive - next time.
Take heart, Tax does not usually cause sickness.

Best wishes Stella xx

Thank you guys that’s really helped I’ve gotten myself do upset over this I’m such a strong on the go woman 14 hour day hard work with my horses, and to feel this bad the 5 ahead really scared me I was in tears writing on the forum! Since I got diagnosed I’ve not met a single person yet going through the same as me so I’ve never been able to ask if what I’m going through is normal I feel very alone no one understands and seem to keep telling me it’ll be ok, but when you feel your insides are burn your stomach is trying to get out through your mouth the tiredness the not sleeping and the constant headache, it just gives me a boost you guys can say youve done it and know what advice to give my big problem I’d i hate being suprised I like to be prepared it’s the not what to expect I can’t cope with! Thank you so much for you kind supportive words lord here cone the tears again xx

sorry you had such an awful rection, i had nausea but not on your scale but was awful, had emend drug after 1st fec and it did help,i found tax much easier from nausea point as there was none the chemo nurse said it is bottom of nausea scale and it was made me ache but preferred that to sickness,hang on in there love rachel x

As Stella said. Ask for Emend. You don’t have to suffer like this again. I don’t know anyone that Emend hasn’t worked for. It is expensive so make as much fuss as you have to. We are worth it. I can understand how frightenened you feel about it happening again. I hated feeling sick but I’m sure when you go for your appt with onc they will have a plan in place to make sure this doesn’t happen to you again. If they are expecting a problem it is far easier to deal with before it starts apparently. Don’t forget, plead for Emend! You are worth every penny! FEC 1 will soon be just a distant bad memory. Good luck!

Hi Linzmm.

I had FEC x6 and was exactly the same as you from the first treatment and I asked for Emend. They originally said no but I kept on pressing and by had it prescribed. I also had steroids, various tablets and injections when needed.

They did get it under control. You can do this - I hate being sick but the hospital team were great. When I felt ill - I called the helpline and I was checked on every treatment.

Keep posting - we will help you through this
Janvis xxx

Hi Linzmm

I had FEC-T also and was very sick. The Emend was great, but like Janvis I was refused this originally - be persistent! Try not to worry too much, the second and third FEC was easier and I recovered quicker as I had the Emend. I didn’t have any sickness/nausea with tax.

Don’t worry, you are not alone with this and it will pass.

Thinking of you


How I remember that awful projectile vomiting!

My hospital would not prescribe Emend. I was given levomeprozine (also known as nozinan). It knocked me out but it worked. I didn’t care if I slept all day as long as I didn’t have that terrible vomiting.

I also had:
domperidone suppositories max dose (changing to oral when I could)

The levomeprozine I took about half an hour before the actual chemo started and also an oral domperidone.
I was given an extra bag of fluid at the end of the chemo which helped a lot as I couldn’t tolerate fluids.

Discuss with your team before you go for the next one. I found the chemo nurses were the best on this. You may have really emphasise how bad it was. Hope you sort this out, it doesn’t have to be anywhere near as bad as your first experience. Elinda x

Thank you writing all this down! It helps so much all this advice I’m not a crier and finding this all emotional I keep telling myself to man up!! I was given a so called wonder drug in my iv with the chemo to stop sickness don’t know what the name is it’s i Emend dosent sound familuar, its not on my home notes given! I take 2 x ondansetron 8mg twice a day, domperidone 10mg x 8 a day and I have levomepromazine 25mg x 1 a day split into quarters! I’ll need to find out the injections afterwards they gave me for future! I want to have everything at hand an hours drive back to hospital when your that ill and back again is hell. The 2nd Fec-t I do at hospital and the rest they will come to my house!! They keep telling me how young and strong I’m am but I’ve been none stop operations, tests, scans, research, IVF to freeze eggs that was while I still had drain in for lymph node clearance I had overian hyperstimulation syndrome which was painful then a bleed from my lymph node clearance that gave me a giant blood filled bruised boob straight into chemo!! I shouldn’t really me this shocked my body feels beaten and broken physically and mentally! Next hurdle is losing the hair…my waist long hair…oh man the blows keep coming!!! I can’t thank you all enough for your support man I need it, hearing finally people have had some of the same experiences I don’t feel so alone and so unprepared for what to ask for thank you thank you thank you!! Xxx

Day 7 and still feel out of it I’m up now and sitting in living room but I feel like bambi a but wobbly! I’ve spoken to oncology and they think that my body is highly sensitive and has reacted badly to being poisoned at my next appointment before Fec-t number 2 they’re gonna review all my medications and how they can handle my side effects more aggressively!! Ever since 16th February 2011 since I was diagnosed the ops the egg retrival and the ups and downs I’ve never felt like I had cancer or felt ill, I bounced back from everything quickly! Now I feel ill and it’s strange! Thank god I dont feel as bad as the first 5 days so yeah some light at the end of the tunnel!! I’m still scared of number 2 :0( does anyone find it strange you have dates in your diary when you know your not gonna feel well!! Xx

Your poor body! No wonder you’re all over the place, emotionally and physically. Just think of all the angst and emotion connected with IVF, never mind the invasion to your body… then cancer on top of all that - give yourself a break! one of the things we have to learn is to rip the ‘S’ of our tea-shirts and NOT be Superwoman for a while! This is a tough road some days, and we need all our strength to walk the stony path… enjoy the green, easy fields, and then hit the next rock! My Onc said to me this week “our aim is for you to be completely free of side-effects” - hang on to that! I’m a tough old bird, and found myself unhinged by a letter from the hospital at the weekend - stupid. Illogical. Necessary. All this grot inside needs to come out - so please don’t feel bad about it or force yourself to “man up” - we’s WOMEN! Have a hug… Jane

Ha ha Jane you hit the nail on the head!! I’m a tough cookie normally, finding the helplessness and the need of help from others a bit uneasy!! But it’s brought to light how much good friends I have who just even pop in to make sure I’ve eaten some toast get me some water or a quick tidy up or just lie on my bed quietly!! I’ve gone from this tough boot to this emmontional scared little girl!! I’m ripping the S of my shirt right now and enjoy the pampering cos I’m determined I’m never gonna go through this again! Here’s hoping our oncologists can do as they hoped and make us side effect free, I do have confidence in my oncologist hes a lovely man but i always have that voice in my head going “remember how sick my body can get” we’ll see what he suggests I’ll be less stubborn now and be more show me the drugs!! I’ll set aside all my financial, physical and mental worries and just try and heal, wake up and sleep everyday!! Baby steps…when this is over my god the worlds not gonna be ready for me xx hugs Jane xx

Hello there, just a quick one to say I was very very sick on round one, not so sick as you you poor thing, but sick enough. I just said to Drs I want all you can give me for round two, and it worked. DO NOT let the chemo team or your Onc minimise the side effects, tell them exactly what it was like if they don’t already know. My OH is an Onc and says they have no idea about the real severity unless you are totally clear. Anyway I was sickness free the rest of the time,
best of luck to you, stick with it girl, Nicola

Yeah cos I had to be rushed back into hospital that same night my oncologist was there he got to see it all in full glory he was really upset that i was in such a mess! I’m well known to them all for being so bold and active and laughing and joking to this pathetic broken woman lying on the floor promising to bite anyone that touched me lol once I was in a position that I could breath and wasn’t turning myself inside out I just wanted to be left there… It so happened to be on the cold floor of his office with my head in the bucket under the desk…quite amusing now i think of it!! I’ll be making sure I get all drugs everyone has mentioned!! Lower back pain has started tonight right down to my feet not sure if this is a side effect or it’s because I’ve been resting so much?? I wasn’t given any pain relief just anti sickness I hope it’s not another hours drive in to get a prescription for pain relief and and hours drive back!!! Man chemo woman deserve a medal for getting through all this!! Wish I had time to recover and get my body back to it’s fit healthy self it might have coped allot better than it has xx

Hi I’ve found someone as bad a me when I talk to onc he says oh most plp are ok I had fec tax now on something else and and I’m at day 8 and still not right I’m sure they think I’m lieing
When I say how unwell I am I know not much use to u just wanted to let u no we r the same I hope u get well soon tc laura

Hi Laura! I know what you mean I was appologising to them I feel like a nuisance! Last night on day 8 I started getting lower back pain and pain my pelvis and hips it started to get worse and worse to the point I couldn’t sit stand walk I burst into tears my friends were shocked they knew I must be in pain I’m the girl who fell off her horse broke her pelvis hopped back on and finished the competition, so they knew it must be painful! Had to call doctors out i don’t have pain relief like they say most patients aren’t no where like this so I only have standard medication of anti sickness drugs and laxatives!! This morning my bowels started bleeding and I’ve been burping sick/acid I’ve got omeprazole but it’s not kicked in! I get really scared because this is only day 9 if this is meant to be the easy cycle I’m am terrified of the rest! What else can happen I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, my oncologist isn’t on duty till this evening so still to see what he thinks of all my goings on since last night! But I know what you mean you feel your lying or exaggerating because you get told “oh that’s new or most patients are quite fine” I was feeling quite alone but after hearing others comments I don’t feel so much alone hugs and best wishes xxx

Hi lizman u Poor thing I thought I felt rough I managed to bath wash me hair and pop out with oh for a bit today so hoping I’m on towards my gd wk it’s day 9 for me I’ve got pain relief I made sure he gave me some they might decide to change it if it is really not suiting u I had fec tax before which was hell they stopped it early after reducing dose I’m hoping my next lot it not as bad it this y first one it is mine on this chemo I do wonder how these plp work through chemo I couldn’t kp posted be nice to compare hope u have a settled night I can’t slp so awake most of it tc Laura