First time doing this

First time doing this

First time doing this Hi, I’m 35 and was diagnosed as having DCIS on 2nd Feb and i’m not really sure how to handle it all. I am going in to have the lump removed next friday and they are removing some of the lymph nodes also. Last time I saw the consultant I was told that they were concerned that micro-invasion may have started which has petrified me even more. I have a 4 year old and a 6 month old and can’t really believe that all this is happening. I read somewhere that it is not normal to have lymph nodes removed for DCIS, has anyone else had this done?

Helpline and Ask the Nurse Hi Debbie

Firstly, welcome to the Breast Cancer Care Forums, I am sure you will get lots of helpful advice and support from the many users of this site.

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Hi debbie

I had DCIS which covered my entire breast dx in July and had a mastectomy and reconstruction done at the same time, before they would do a reconstruction they had to make sure that my lymph nodes were clear because certain treatments can effect a reconstruction and I had a lymph node biopsy, they inject radioactive material into your breast and see where it drains to first and then remove those lymph nodes. After my mastectomy they found out I had a small amount of mico invasion but because they had done the lymph node biopsy they were not worried about it having spread so yes lymph nodes are sometimes tested for DCIS. My surgeon was certain I had invasive cancer because my breast in my mamogram showed up as totally black, so they can be wrong.
Get all the support you can from friends and family during your treatment, the waiting to know what the full dx is is a really worrying time.
Be kind to yourself. I am sure you will find this web site a source of support and advice, I hope all goes well next week and I will be thinking of you.

Hi Debbie,
I was diagnosed with invasive DCIS, grade 3 last March and had a sentinal node biopsy at the same time as the WLE.
My nodes were clear so the cancer had not spread round my body.
As far as I know most ops include having the lymph nodes removed at the same time. It’s a way to check if the cancer is spreading from the breast.
Hope things go well for you. It is traumatic undergoing treatment but it’s all a step in the right direction and just take one day at a time.
Best wishes.

Hi Debbie I had a lumpectomy and some lymph nodes were removed to check that the cancer had not spread. I was lucky because it had not.

I think, as has been said before, this is usual procedure.

I wish you all the very best. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster that you have embarked on. Be kind to yourself, and get lots of help with the kiddies if you can.

I wish you all the very best. I got a lot of help from this forum, so do use it. I also used the phone line when I was having a VERY bad day. I would recommend that to you too.

Take care, love Oasis

DCIS Hi Debbie

Just thought I would let you know my experience. I was diagnosed on the 21st December 2006 with a mixture of low, intermediate, and high grade DCIS which covered a quarter of my breast tissue. I was told that i would need to have a Mastectomy becasuse of the amount of tissue that was affected.

I am now back at home recovering from the mastectomy and reconstruction wich was done in one op. My breast surgeon and plastic’s consultant informed me of the procedure that would take place during my time in theatre.

The breast surgeon would perform the mastectomy and also the removal of some of the lympth glands to check that they were clear. A frozen section would be taken and sent off to the lab for an immediate indication to how things were looking, based on he information that came back it would then be decided if the reconstruction would be performed. (I still have to wait till the 21 Feb for the full histology report)
I’m hopeful that the fact that the reconstruction was done is a good sign that no further treatment will be needed. I had LD recon and apart from the swelling and bruising which is very uncomfortable the result is remarkable. I am very happy with my new boob.

Take care of yourself, you will find the site very supportive


Had results and feeling better Hi, back again after having results yesterday following wle last week. The DCIS seems to be more widespread than they first thought and so I’m booked in for a mastectomy on 5th March but no invasion was found and the lymph nodes were clear so I’m feeling much happier than last time. Having reconstruction done at the same time as the mastectomy and then fingers crossed thats it! Thanks for the support it really helped!!!
Debs x

good luck debbie Hi debbie just wanted to wish you good luck for the 5th March. Im glad you didn’t have any invasion. I had mastectomy and recon 12 weeks ago and also didn’t have any invasion, so no further treatment required other than recon and regular check ups.

Try and go with the flow on it all and you will be fine. I think we were the lucky ones.

Take care of yourself and let us know how you get on.

Lilymay x

Hi Debbie This is the first time I have wrote or replied on here I had infiltrating ductal carcanoma/ ductal carcanoma in situ in Jan 2002 they removed the lump sorrounding tissue and some lymph glands. When I got it done no on told me anything if lymph glands are removed be careful you dont get any cuts on that hand or arm as it takes a lot longer to heal and it can get infected. Dont let them take blood from that arm or try your blood pressure. I dont know if this will help but I dont hope every thing goes well for you

Denise x x

Sorry Debbie I ment to say I hope everything goes well for you. It was only when I hit the send button I noticed the blunder I made forgive me

Take Care

Denise x x

Hi everyone, I had my mastectomy and started my recon with a tissue expansion implant on the 5th and went back for my results last week which thankfully showed nothing else but what we already new. My DCIS was quite extensive (7.7cm) and in more than one place which only confirmed that the mastectomy was the right way to go. I’m back at home now and feeling a million times better and am surprised at how quickly the recon is going (already half inflated!) I had an MRI done just before the the op to have a look at my other breast and the results have been sent to an expert in reading MRI scans on breast tissue to see if there are any very early signs of anything there so that I can think about what I want to do about that in the future so I should here about that in about 6 weeks and I’m okay with that. Once again thanks for all the support and I’ll continue to let you know what is happening.

Debs x