First time Low Haemoglobin

Hi- can anyone give me any experiences of low haemoglobin? First time after a year on meds that this blood is low so I need a transfusion tomorrow morning which I’m freaking out about. Why does this happen? If it’s happened once, will it keep on happening? Is there anything I can do/eat to help in future? I’m still getting my Denosumab and Palbociclib tomorrow too because my neutrophils are ok.


Jo xx

Hi Jo
I’m sorry I am unable to give you any advice, but I do hope it went well and you’re feeling ok! Sending you a virtual hug :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jo7,

Hope the transfusion went as well as possible and that you feel better for it.

As far as I am aware there are quite a few possible causes, did the medical team shed any light on the cause today?

I had severe anaemia after my initial bc treatment, which was missed since I just assumed it was fatigue from s/e of radio (it was a bit weird - best described as I couldn’t think properly, talk and walk at the same time (due to lack of oxygen in the blood - as oxyhaemoglobin). When the blood test results came back my GP was surprised I hadn’t collapsed). Turned out to be a rather bad iron deficiency. Took high strength iron (GP prescribed supplements) and eventually got back to normal. 

Hope the transfusion went ok and helps. 

X Seabreeze 

hi I am on palbociclib and zometa as the bone strengthener since May2018 a few times had low neutrophils but only delayed by a week. I had one blood results were red blood cells were enlarged macrocytosis which means the red blood cells are larger than normal which means you dont have enough normal sized functoning red cells . The cause of this can be many factors including side effects of palbociclib and even some antibiotics and other means along with cancer. It can be due to low b12 and folate so i did some research and take 1000mg B12 and 400mg folic acid just an idea . I had b12 checked and level was okay but decided to take this supplement anyway and had no more bloods with large red blood cells for the past 6 months.  Hope this is useful also diet changes can help. Liz.