first time..will not be the last!!

Had to call NHS24 at 12.30am last night the first time since my diagnosis,been suffering with uncomfy chest feeling,like severe heartburn,hadnt settled at all throughout the day,went to bed and got worse,out of hours doctor appeared at flat,gave me ranitidine,it was weird having a gp standing in my bedroom,never experienced that scenario before,got a bit upset.
I then tried to settle after taking the tablets,then woke an hour later with worse feeling,soon settled again,its so frightening,being at home alone,at that time in the morning,all by myself.
Mid morning, feeling still there,hope it goes,side effects,new ones appearing,now after my 2nd chemo.

Hi Poly,

Could I suggest that you give your chemo unit a ring and have a chat with them, they may be able to suggest something to help you.

Take care.
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Polly
Sorry you are feeling so alone and in pain.
What chemo are you on? If you let us know your story we may be able to help.
I suffered from heartburn even before chemo and I take Omeprazole every day.
Give your chemo unit a ring. I am sure they will help you.

Sue xxxx

Hi Poly

I agree with Sue, I take omeprazole for heartburn and it works wonders. You need to phone your chemo unit. My second one was by far the worst, so they made an extra appointment with the onc as I was not coping very well. I found the second one hit me very hard emotionally. Take care of yourself debx

Hi Poly
Sorry that you are feeling bad. I too live in my own and it is hard especially at night when all symptoms seem so much worse. I had to have the out of hours GP out on chemo 2 so I know what it is like.
Do get an appointment with your onc and go through all your symptoms with them. They will be able to give you something to help. Mine certainly did and I felt so much better with chemo’s 3-6. Best wishes.

Hi Poly

Really sorry you are suffering. I started suffering with heartburn and acid reflux after my first chemo. I contacted my GP who prescribed lansoporazel (spelt wrong I know) over the phone. Within a couple of days it was a lot better. I have taken it right throughout my chemo (6th one due this Thurs) and very rarely suffer with it now.

You don’t need to suffer, either phone the chemo unit or your GP again, there is always something they can try to help with the symptons.

Good luck Amanda xx