First visit to the oncologist

Hi Everyone

Does anybody have any thoughts on good questions I should be asking the oncologist? I have my first appointment on 22nd January.

I was diagnosed on 12th Dec, after routine Mammogram, had my operation on 31st Dec, WLE, SNB and 10 lymphs removed (could have been 15 surgeon was a bit vague), when I was discharged I had very little information and when I went back a week later again I was given a vague report, 1 lymph affected. (surgeon got called away) I know I should be asking about grading, staging, and whether it is oestrogen receptive.

When I was originally diagnosed I was told it it was microscopic (less than 2cm) and I would be treated with radiotherapy, now they have mentioned chemo presumably because of the lymph involvement? I have had to park this until the appointment came through which it did on Sat, so now I feel like I could do with a bit of help, tackling this next hurdle.

I have read a lot of people’s comments on this site and I am reassured by all the support and kindness out there, (I only found this site after I was told about it by a girl who had her op the same time as me, wished I had known about it when I was first DX.) Like most of you I am dreading the thought of chemo.

As we seem to have such a short time with the people in “the know” I thought I would see if any body has any good suggestions about what I should be asking.

I believe knowledge is power and hindsight is a marvellous thing, so I thought I would see what you come up with.

Thanks Sarah

Hi Sarah,
sorry you have had to join us.

I think you have the basics of what you need to ask…it depends after that how much you want to know…ie prognosis etc.,

you could ask if the margins were clear, was there any vascular invasion, what the next part of your treatment plan will be, if chemo, which type of chemo, by what percentage will chemo possibly benefit you.

can’t think of anything else off the top of my head…but i’m sure one of the wonderful people on this forum will suggest some more.

also you could give the nurse on this site a ring, also BCC also have very good booklets etc., which you can order on this site with very useful information

I would also find out if you have a breast care nurse who you can contact…mine is wonderful.

take care
let us know how apt., goes

karen xx